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Three Poems

By eduardo estévez.

i bought a couple…

i bought a couple
of canaries
to brighten up the
immaculate house

after three days they died
of a virus or sorrow

without even being given


he always liked…

he always liked

but read terrible poets
talked too much
moved effortlessly
through the crowds
writing appropriated
surrealist images

he fucked drunken women
bought with
sweet nothings

had different jobs
was an august holidaymaker in venice

now that the years
have left a shine on
his head
he seeks peace
the joy certainty brings

he disconnects the phone
at siesta time

avoids crowded places
unnecessary adjectives

talks quietly doesn’t argue

he prefers the lazy
drift of a
petal landing
in the middle of the pond


his face gave away nothing…

his face gave away nothing
under the circumstances
to suggest this would be their
final encounter

they found themselves
in the apartment as usual

sharing a meal and chatting
about their mundane
little worlds

this time the frozen pizza
had the taste of a pleasant
and the measured serenity
of things they know will
always be

when the time was
(they both had early morning
one of them got up
grabbed a coat
(it’s cold
at night
in march)

they both went downstairs
one waiting in the doorway
until the other had gone
still lingering
for a few seconds
when the car
had already disappeared
around the corner


Translated from the Galician by Steven Porter.


eduardo estévez was born in 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has lived in Galicia since 1995. He is a prize-winning poet who writes in the Galician language. Among his poetry books are lúa gris (grey moon), derrotas (defeats) and os veos da paisaxe (veils of the landscape). The above translations come from contrucións, published by Positivas, Santiago de Compostela in 2008. eduardo also translates and edits literature and conducts creative writing workshops. He is currently working on projects that combine poetry with other forms of artistic expression like photography.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, August 24th, 2010.