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Three Poems

By Jennifer Hollie Bowles.

The Center

of existence is eaten by suburban brine
that seeps through synapses
twisted from habit and dull images
positioned with ennui under 500 thread-
count sheets and lobotomized by ballistic tides
that sport commercials for SUV encampments



I am bound to the box
where you end and I begin

a box that lies beyond three-
dimensions in a place
where I am unable to say
how I feel, as though a rock
is lodged in my larynx—

maybe that’s what it feels
like to be a man
with an Adam’s apple.


Take Me

Come on take my dress off /
/ We’re both instigators, fire-starters,
chicanery-tasters while intoxicated.

Come on touch me, use me : :

: : I’ll be slow as a caterpillar
on the blue carpet in your bed-
room floor       —       fast as self-
affliction under that feather blanket.

Install your marker in me: Fuck Me.

I’ll take it like a placebo

or an open wound,

whichever you prefer.


Jennifer Hollie Bowles is the editor of The Medulla Review, and the founder of a new small press, Medulla Publishing. Her first poetry chapbook, Fire and Honey, was recently published by Flutter Press, and her writing has been accepted for publication in many journals, including The New York Quarterly, Echo Ink Review, The Ampersand Review, Thieves Jargon, and Word Riot. Jennifer would rather punch you in the guts with her tiny fists than leave you unaffected.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, October 16th, 2010.