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Three Poems

By Steve Porter.

Badenoch Snow

Driving through clouds
in second gear.

Eyes fixed yonder.
There is speculative talk
on how to tell snow from non-snow.

Beards are scratched.

The road is reduced to a lottery
and bets are placed somewhere left.

Where are the women who will tolerate our drinking?
How many days before the clocks go forward?

It stops snowing.

Deer freeze in the distance,
a gritter turns right –
Drumochter bound.

Fleeing crows are hopelessly exposed.

Love, Death & Democracy

All love affairs die
and sometimes the dying goes on for too long,
almost as long as death itself.

For the Catalans, love and death
are identical twins.
L’amor and La mort (silent ‘t’).
Which is it to be?
You choose.

White Night on the Avenue

Late night prescriptions
to take away

zebra caught in headlights
Barry White crooning in The Paddock

blinkered waitress, smile fading
with every washed glass.


Steve Porter was born in Inverness, Scotland, and lives in A Coruña, Spain. He is currently more focussed on prose than poetry and is seeking a publisher for his recently finished fictional memoir which combines his Moray Firth childhood with his translator alter ego. Steve is the author of The Iberian Horseshoe-A Journey, which can be read online or downloaded as an e-book right now from Barcelona-based Badosa.com.

Shellfish and Umbrellas, a chapbook of his poetry was published last year by Koo Press (Aberdeen). 3:AM has previously published his translations of Brazilian flash fiction writers. He is tentatively planning and compiling a new bilingual collection of poems to be published in English and Iberian languages. Steve runs several blogs, the newest of which is Steve Porter’s World of Books.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, July 20th, 2009.