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Two Poems

By Billy Childish.

and all their dreams came true

we were the last kids to still have
brillcreamed hair
wear shorts to skool
and be beaten with sticks
our parents dreamed of a
new world
of more

sweet wrappers
shopping centers
cut-price meals
cheep booze
and limitless

and whats worse
all their dreams came true

i am their damaged megaphone

dead artists speak to me
and thru me
youd do very smartly to listen
they speak to me
with voices filled with mud and clay
and decay
people feel violated by the stench of their breath
they are not desert prophets
or nessissary sat next to god or the devil
but i am sat smack in the midst of them
their rotting teeth wispering
black thorts in my ear

i am their damaged megaphone
barking out across the nite
calling for
art without art
love without love
hate without hate
lite without lite
youed do very smartly
to shut up and listen

Billy Childish was born in 1959 in Chatham, Kent. After leaving secondary school at 16, he entered Chatham dockyard as an apprentice stone mason. He later went on to study painting at St Martins School of Art, from which he was expelled in 1981. He then lived on the dole for 15 years.

Known for his explicit and prolific work, he has published over 40 collections of poetry, writte several novels, recorded over 100 full-length independent LP’s and produced many woodcuts and paintings. His latest collection of poetry Unknowable But Certain has been published by Blackheath Books.

Billy Childish continues to live and work in Chatham.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, October 11th, 2009.