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Two Poems

By Curtis Hayes.

Lucky Day

My morning letterbox informed me of
my new job doing just
what I wanted to do
my horse came in at five to one
my stub still shaking in
this lucky gambler’s

My evening poker game was a hit and
my bank balance bobbed in-
to the black and for
my life was all in order and
my future finally
full of fresh promise

I thought
‘with luck like this
I’ll never write
another word’
then on my drive
back home I saw
a gang of twelve or twenty
beating down one man
his trousers fallen down around his
knees and
as he lay there bloody, crumpled on
the ground
his girlfriend looking on
the universe was balanced once


A Dog’s Life

He’s blind in one eye
and the other one is green
with conjunctivitis
and he’s pulled out the fur from
his waist with
his teeth
and he can’t really hear
and he sleeps twenty hours
a day
but he’s happy
you can tell from
the way that he yawns and
the way that he licks
his nose and
his balls and
when he’s scratching his scabs he’s so happy
he can hardly stand
oh, what a curse it is to be a man
and to eat
and to drink
and to sleep
every day
and have it never be enough.


Curtis Hayes spends his time avoiding work where he can and writing poetry and prose whenever it comes to him. He enjoys travelling, dislikes writing biographies in the third person and has recently developed a crush on Icelandic poet Bryndis Björgvinsdóttir and her poetry courtesy of 3:AM Magazine. More of his work can currently be seen in the December 2010 issue of Prole Magazine.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, December 8th, 2010.