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Two Poems

By Diana Salier.

there are many beautiful things but is this one of them

one time i took a girl to dinner in north beach
then we watched a drug deal by the pier.
this kid asked for a cookie monster band-aid
so I gave him one.
we drank coffee at ihop
we went dancing on polk st
we crashed in our clothes
and the next morning she asked
if we’d had sex.
i said no
and then we had sex.
we can’t have kids but if i have a boy
i’m gonna name him ryan.
i used to think zach or scott but now i think ryan.
i know it’s over when you don’t even drunktext me anymore.
i’m like robin williams in “hook”
i’ve been here so long i’ve forgotten how to fly.
i’m so turned on by your general state of being.
sometimes i look at you like a space traveler in space
looking down at a world that continues to exist
even without him


you’ve got that apocalyptic feeling

all day i’ve had this apocalyptic feeling
and i keep singing it to myself
to the tune of the theme from top gun
to make it less frightening
you’ve got/that apocalyptic feeling

and i wonder if you and me
will just rise up
and don halloween costumes
and fight off virus-laden monsters
who want to eat our cerebral cortices
make us into merciless killing machines

and we’ll fill our pillowcases
with candy and nickels
and chew on our loot
at the end of the day


Diana Salier’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming on Blazevox, The Scrambler, Spooky Boyfriend, Robot Melon, WTF PWM, and Yes, Poetry, among others. She thinks a lot about space travel but has never been to outer space. She lives and writes in San Francisco.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, May 26th, 2011.