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Two Poems

By Jake Severn.

A Reasonable Discussion Of Your Nose

“It is my opinion that your nose could do well in many situations.”

“I could not agree more, it seems very unique.”

“Almost Egyptian.”

“From the side, that is.”

“Should not the very invocation of Egyptian denote a profile?”

“One never knows.”

“Yes. I enjoy, anyhow, the way that it slopes down from the top, only to bend and curve as it comes to the tip, which is somewhere between sharp and bulbous. Not too much of either.”

“By the standards of the everyday nose, it could be considered long, but by no means intrusive.”

“No means.”

“Certainly attractive. I think that has been established, but I cannot tell from this angle alone. Here, turn your head a bit to the right.”

“Beautiful. The nostrils are long and thin, gentle and elegant. You look to be in perfect health. Perhaps you sing in a choir, though your mouth appears rather small.”

“Could you close it please, dear? The froth accumulating on your lower lip detracts from our subject.”

“The nose.”

“Correct. Oh, and we must discuss its color.”

“It appears to be a healthy, olive shade, to match the rest of the face.”

”I imagine that this would suggest that you are a healthy individual. Does such a conclusion end our study?”

“There is a slight concern regarding a small blemish I see forming on the upper right side.”

“That I did not notice. I cannot see that area from where I stand. You should have mentioned it sooner.”

“Well, it is only minor, and it should be considered that blemishes are to be expected, especially at your age. I am referring now to our subject.”

“If the blemish is given proper care, I see no problem. Even a large blemish could not distract from the nose’s superb construction.”

“It stands apart from the rest of the body.”

“Your parents must be proud. What mother and father could beget such a marvelous nose?”

“And are they still alive?”

“No matter, the nose is magnificent.”


I think that Jake is a safe person to be around
because Jake won’t rip you off
or use forceful language
when it is clearly not needed. He
can lend you 28 dollars and
ask you how was your weekend
before he asks
if you have the money to pay him back.
Often, Jake will accept installment payments.

To be around Jake is to feel
that you will always be secure
as far as your finances are concerned. This is not to say
that Jake will always have 28 dollars
to lend you if you are in a bind. He is not rich,
though his parents do live in a two-story home
in a quiet suburban neighborhood outside Seattle, WA
where property values are rising.

Jake Severn is the author of the X^2 / Y = 0, But Potential Energy Still Remains (Small Anchor Press) and is responsible for the art zine EAGLE HUNTER 2012. He lives in Seattle WA.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, March 5th, 2009.