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Woe my road is spoken


Black Spring Press are screening Beat film Pull My Daisy in London this Monday, with Carolyn Cassady in attendance:

Married to Neal Cassady (hero of On the Road, as Dean Moriarty), and the lover of Jack Kerouac, Carolyn Cassady has a amazing story to tell, a story she tells in her moving memoir Off the Road. She has been played by Cissy Spacek (in Heart Beat), and is about to be played by Kirsten Dunst in the Walter Salles directed, Coppolla produced film of On the Road (out next year). Come and hear her talk and answer questions. Now in her eighties, Carolyn appears infrequently in London, so this is a rare chance to hear her insights into fascinating times.

Pull My Daisy (1959) is a half-hour short written by Kerouac, starring Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso, and telling the story of a real-life visit by a bishop to the Cassady household, where his world collides with that of the bohemian poets, writers and artists installed there. It is produced in the spontaneous style of those involved – anarchic and hilarious.

Jack Kerouac & the Cassadys,
Monday 19 September @ 7p.m.,
Sanctum Hotel, 20 Warwick Street, London W1B 5NF
£9 members / £12.50 for non-members
(includes signed Black Spring edition of Carolyn Cassady’s Off the Road).

First posted: Wednesday, September 14th, 2011.

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