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Working Hard

By Kelly Ginger.

I’ve been working on one poem for a few hours. 

I am no longer able to tell when something I write is good or not. 

I’ve had a very strong urge to be famous lately. 

I would rather not gather in a big group talking to people I don’t know and telling them my first and last name and them telling me their first and last name so when someone is published in a medium-sized art publication we can say “I know that person.” 

I feel lumpy and full and lonely. 

Food is so uncomplicated. It is easy to eat and feel clear and digestive. 

Yes. Maybe I hate poetry. 

I read a poem about fingernails. 

I should write poems about fingernails for the rest of my life.




Kelly Ginger lives in Brooklyn, New York and is earning her M.F.A. at Brooklyn College. She recently moved from Michigan and now has started an amazing twig and leaf collection.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, October 1st, 2007.