:: XHTML, and other things.


This is a public service announcement:

This website was built on evenings and weekends with the best intentions to create a literary website that was not only excellent for readers and writers, but was also stable, sustainable, and legacy-proof.

XHTML was a big part of this. Using correct XHTML means that, in theory, websites will not decay. The code they are written in will be readable by all standards-compatible browsers now and forever.

Unfortunately, 3:AM is a multi-author site, with articles and the code they contain being added all the time. One of the beauties of the site is that it can be edited and added to by people who don’t have a deep understanding of code – but it also means they don’t write good XHTML. So these pages frequently don’t validate, and it’s why the XHTML link in the footer directs here, rather than the W3C.

Sorry about that.

If you want to see the reality of the XHTML validation of the front page, click here.

If you’re a 3:AM contributor, and would like to help make 3:AM more stable and more sustainable, then go to one of your articles, copy the address in the location bar, and paste it into this validator here. The output will give you some tips on how to improve your code.

If you’d like to read a good explanation of why validation is important, click here.

That is all.