"The truth is that no businessman buys a bad business. Health care isn't in bad shape or it wouldn't be a worthwhile investment. This is just the petty interests of some people who don't mind watching the invisible hand scratch society's ass from time to time."


Now they want to take my health care away.

As you may well know, I'm a Canadian. One of the benefits of this situation is that we have health care that is subsidized by the government. It's a nice benefit, although it certainly isn't complete. The good news, though, is that you're pretty well taken care of in a country that has a strong sense that healing the sick is important

Now that has to change. The reason is because this group of conservatives have realized that we can't afford to continue on like this. Apparantly, it just costs way too much money to look after the sick, and they've started to explore other options.

Me, I smell a rat. The conservatives here (our version of the right wing hicks that Americans call "Republicans" and Germans call "Nazis") have been gnawing on this bone for quite some time. They talk about an aging population, they talk about how the system was never intended to be handling a population as large as it is.

See, it's like we're all wrestling fans. You know what I mean, people who can boo the NWO Hollywood Hogan and completely forget about the prayers, the vitamins and the steroids that Hulk Hogan stood for just a few short years ago. They seriously think we're going to forget about the fact that health care is in a bad situation because these same political hacks have been cutting millions and millions of dollars from it for years now.

Every time we see a new budget, we guffaw at the cuts to health care. For a long while our doctors were actually making the choice to move to the States because there were a few paying jobs left down there.

They cut, and they cut, and they cut, and then they tell us that we can't afford to continue on. Health care is in a dangerous situation. There aren't enough beds (chop chop chop) and there aren't enough doctors (hack hack hack) and just where in the hell do you think that money is coming from? After all, the fees that we pay for health care are only about a tenth of the total cost to the province.

Another glorious act of reason. Yes, we don't pay the full cost of our health care system through health care payments made primarily by the working poor. Instead, the rest of the money comes from this magical vat of money called TAXES that is primarily paid for by... you guessed it, the working poor.

We're paying for it, and in the words of Jello Biafra we would probably pay more than we already are if we felt that the money was being spent properly, but it isn't.

Again, we're supposed to forget the fact that it's these people who have been making our budgets for the last god knows how long. And when it wasn't them it was the next best thing to them.

Come on, do you really think that we're that stupid that we'll buy into your damaged health care system, that we'll line up for debit cards with cash values on them that allow us to have cancer up to but not including $5000 per year in chemical treatment costs? Do you really expect us to believe that the situation you describe isn't a tiered health care system just like the one that has failed in every major American urban center?

Me, I can't wait. I like the idea of a two tiered health care system. I think that the situation health care is in in the States is the perfect model for us to build on. I live and die for the chance to not have enough money to cure the cancer that got put there by breathing air that they contaminate in supposed accordance with the Kyoto Accord. Or maybe it's the cancer I got from the cigarettes they brainwashed me into smoking for 11 years before I wisened up, all the while chastising me for continuing to smoke without offering any assistance to me to quit and reaping the benefits of a huge portion of hidden tax dollars made at my expense. I've heard that smokers and ex-smokers tie up the health system with all of their medical problems, so why isn't the disgusting amount of tax being paid for by smokers being reinvested into health care?

The truth is that no businessman buys a bad business. Health care isn't in bad shape or it wouldn't be a worthwhile investment. This is just the petty interests of some people who don't mind watching the invisible hand scratch society's ass from time to time.

After all, they've got enough to cover their own problems, right?


Jim Martin is one of those people who can start a sentence with "The problem with democracy is that jerks like you get to vote" and end it with your wanting to be his friend. He hosts a website and has been published by Mob Hit Productions, Images Inscript, House of Pain, Scapegrace, and here at 3am.

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