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"Suddenly we have no trouble finding the guilty parties. How long was it after JFK was killed that Oswald was captured? Not bad for a crime with no eye witnesses."


So I guess I have to talk about it briefly. It's the only thing on my tv, no matter how hard I seek Big Brother. It's the only thing in my conversations no matter how hard I try to avoid it. It's everywhere, like McDonalds. Terrorism.

Now, before I go making any enemies (or friends) let me officially state that flying a plane into a building full of people is wrong. I don't care if that's a Cessna slamming into Marg's House of Pancakes or a series of tactical strikes being directed at the World Trade Center. Killing people sucks. Worse, the people you are killing are almost always the wrong people.


I find it interesting how quickly the American legal system can find answers. It takes ages to catch the Son of Sam. The Zodiac never did get caught. Jack the Ripper. Ted Bundy. And on and on and on. These people slaughter prostitutes and taunt police and there is nothing we can do about it. We have to deal with it. Hell, we couldn't even put OJ away.

And then we find ourselves with a major crime, like this one. Suddenly we have no trouble finding the guilty parties. How long was it after JFK was killed that Oswald was captured? Not bad for a crime with no eye witnesses.

So now I'm supposed to believe that this Osama bin Laden guy is the only criminal in the whole world who could possibly have pulled off this caper? Well, perhaps that's true. Perhaps he's the Doctor Evil that everyone seems to think he is, but I'm going to preserve judgement until I actually see some reason to believe that. What proof have we been presented with? The fact that some of the people involved are Arabs doesn't necessarily dictate some kind of genetic predisposition to terrorism despite what popular opinion may be describing.

The answer is that we haven't been shown a single thing that leads us to believe he's the guilty party. Did any of the bodies have a little note in the back pocket that said, "Dear Raul, thanks for agreeing to do this. See you in paradise! -Osama"? I don't think so.

Oh, they have proof. They can't tell us, though. You see, the proof might scare us. Showing an image of an airplane careening into a populated building 500 times an hour won't offend us. Hearing proof that the guy did it, though. Damn. We're talking riots.

I don't know, maybe they do have it. But do I buy it? No. Think about it. Out of nowhere in the middle of the coverage the media (trained dogs that they are) suddenly started using this guy's name. All of the sudden there was official speculation. Baddaboom baddabing, we have ourselves the terrorist.

Don't get me wrong. You have to be a serious asshole to even appear on a shortlist of people who might have done that. I don't have any love for this guy. But my dislike does not equate to a guilty verdict.

And now, the US are at war with the terrorists. Bloody hysterical. Who trained bin Laden? Sorry, who was that? Could you say that louder? CIA? Why would they do that? Oh, yeah. That whole Russian Cold War thing. Must have slipped my media-numbed brain.

Iran Contra Scandal. Afghanistan. El Salvador. Guatemala. Iraq. The Sudan. The Americans sponsor either terrorism or terror-based governments in damn near every quarter of the world. It used to be to protect us from Communism, that great evil which threatens everything holy in the world. Give us some credit.

If you want to get rid of terrorism, you can probably make a pretty good start by getting rid of the CIA and the FBI. Where do you think these guys are getting their C4? If the States stopped sticking their noses in everyone else's business and forcing people to kill or be killed, then maybe we wouldn't have this problem in the first place.

I know how that sounds. "Did you see the clothes that girl had on? Bitch was askin' for it." Not what I mean at all. Nobody deserves what the US experienced. The Sudanese didn't deserve it when Clinton blew up their world. There are millions of examples of this same level of cruelty being dished out by the US to the rest of the world.

You want to kick a dog, kick a dog. Just don't act shocked when it bites back.


Jim Martin is one of those people who can start a sentence with "The problem with democracy is that jerks like you get to vote" and end it with your wanting to be his friend. He hosts a website and has been published by Images Inscript, House of Pain, Scapegrace, and here at 3am.

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