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3am Feature: Tom Sheehan

Falling Down Jack
"Early evening light, what was left of it, spilled near Jack Winters in his one lone room in the big house, a house once flaunting and imposing in its stance, now cluttered like an old shed forgotten in a back lot, debris its main décor. Despite his reputation as the town drunk, a ne’er-do-well from the first day, an inveterate crank, there had been an instant and subtle attraction between me and the old codger, an attraction without early explanation."
Insufficient Funds
"Her lipstick was perfect. She put the rearview mirror back in place. If David Belmont came in today he’d notice. She was sure of that. The one remark Nell had made about a smudged line had been enough for her. It would never happen again. David was a good prospect, but her mother kept saying it was all a matter of luck. "Be in the right place at the right time, honey, and his goose’ll be cooked."
A Toast to Skink
"Four stout memories continue with me today of the year 1938, when I was ten years old, blond, looking for the next size boots, positive in my thinking: ---- the summer was warm and soft and languid most of the time ( a riverbank laziness, bare hook in water, mouth of a breeze at my ear, grass like a spread comforter); I was hungry much of the time (a handful of salt was often more than a threat--- Roosevelt, the Okies, the dust bowl of America not far from my palate)..."

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