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Catherine Moran

Girlfriend in a dress of sticky-wet-love. Pre-teen, pink...her swelling puberty forced into spandex, her breath of grape soda. Her life is small but this first date is enormous.

She glides across the roller rink to him.

Boyfriend, mean and cool. He is wearing unfortunate, brightly colored slacks. He licks her up and down with his eyes then bleeds teen corruption on her small white toes. He lights a cigarette and she worships that, his personal fire.

Days at school she spends peeling off her fingernails and sticking bubblegum to a cold green metal desk, evenings she vomits to remove the scars left in her throat from eating too much cotton candy.

She enjoys most showing her new titties to truckers from the far back of the family station wagon, then giving them the finger. Long car trips...her brother clambers back and forth over the back seat, smelling of piss and dried ketchup.

Thick summer night, the roller skating date ends in his father's pickup truck. He slides his fist between her heated young thighs, he keeps his fingers clenched as he moves up against her unimaginable virgin redness, her chest is heaving and she is trying to squeal or sigh as if she is enjoying this predictable boy friction.

If only he could know the weight he is helping her to lessen.

Her little girl suicide from a carnival wheel, tempting and pink. No more licking Sundays under languid blue moons and sandcastle-sickened skies.

She has (for a moment still) this one thing left and even it has become unfairly tainted.

A short skirt,
a paper bridge,
a place to leave too soon.


Catherine Moran has been writing since she was a child. She used to write short stories about the men who ran the greasy spoon restaurant next door to her dad's printing shop. Now she writes a variety of stories and poems about different things. (Sometimes they still involve greasy spoons and print shops.) She is 29 years old and works as a Librarian in Toronto. She has a Bachelor or Arts in Philosophy from the University of Toronto. She has had some stories and poems published on the web. Look for some of her poems presently and in the archives at taint, elimae and Forget magazine.

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