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"As the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs kick into 'Mystery Girl', one thing wasn't a mystery. The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs are fun and funny, sporting cute, genuine smiles that would make even a tight-assed tosser laugh."

By Matthew Wascovich


Review of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Liars, Viva Caramel and Proziacs gig, October 23 2002, Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA.

This past Wednesday night at the sold out Grog Shop was a good day for rock as smoke and bodies, and chilly parts filled to the rim of the front door spilling people out on to Coventry Road sidewalk.

I enter the Grog late, catching the last song of openers, Proziacs. Sorry mates, didn't hear enough of your sound to comment. I overheard that this was their first gig.

Viva Caramel started things off with karate chop street fight dueling guitars, warm punchy bass, and steady thumping drums and cymbals. No frills. No gimmicks. Their brief, exciting set in support of their new record, was fitting as their set included: "Karate For the Easy", "Friday Night", "Can You Take Me Home Now?", "We Have All the Answers (You Have All the Cash)", "Radio", "Fall of the House of Us" and "Option 3".

Next to hit the stage are the Liars, and they have come to freak you out and rock full on. The Liars' lead singer creeps, lanky and robotic in a fuzzy lime green blazer with mullet cut under hat. The mic to his mustached face, distorted tones, and whoops. The bass and drums are hardcore and funky, devolving into dirt while the lead guitarist cuts through the mix just right. Out there and in here, Liar guitarist, Aaron, tells 3AM that most of their set included unreleased material and that only the first two were new songs. The set list included: "The Best Time I Was Ever Excited", "I Can Be Very, Very, Very, Very Cruel", "Pillars Were Hollow And Filled With Candy", "So We Tore Them Down", "You Wear Black All The Time", "Loose Nuts On the Velodrome", "We're Still Young Enough to Lay Face Down In Front of Speakers", "Catchy...Like Brains On Gangs/ Contras In Boots Shall Eat One Feathered/ This Dust Makes That Mud

As the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs kick into "Mystery Girl", one thing wasn't a mystery. The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs are fun and funny sporting cute, genuine smiles that would make even a tight-assed tosser laugh. Singer Karen's somewhat nervous energy coupled with the band's tight drum and guitar playing was a refreshing site to cock-rock machismo. Their set included: "Mystery Girl", "Cold Light", "Man", "Bang", "Rich", "Art Star", "No No No", "Y Control", "Machine", "Night Date", "Miles Away", "Maps", "Tick" and "Our Time". The Yeah, Yeah Yeahs' drummer, Brian, told 3AM that their new e.p., Machine, will come out on Touch and Go Records in November, and that their first full-length will be released in February, 2003.


Matthew Wascovich is a 3AM co-editor. Live photos of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs by Steven Wascovich.

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