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AUGUST 27, 2004
"Do I rest quiet at the thought there's no never / But just a one fucked thing after another / Or is there a naked ambition in nakedness / That wants to fuck through to great heaven or wherever?"

APRIL 31, 2004
"every animal has a limit / then becomes something it wasn't before / the fox the squid / the living something too disgusted with itself"

JANUARY 3, 2004
"You couldn't see them but they were there / Hanging around like sailors on a pirate ship / All wanting to be johny depp / And some days early on there was a stench / And doors had to be opened and closed, windows too, / Fags had to be smoked, oh all strategies called on, / And on the veranda at the back / There was a view of a garden orchard / And roses running wild and the sun would set / And the moon would rise and on a low chair / Specially chosen for just this job"

JUNE 16, 2003
"what's your honesty worth / a bitch of a smile all covered in frost / no way is it worth even that / he continues in a sticky mood / he should be taking medicine for this stuff"

APRIL 29, 2003
"and harry says this with a gun in his pocket and spit in his mouth / and he gobs this and a whole lot more with a mania / you have to trust its such a great act."

JANUARY 28, 2003
"Wants to know where he got to/Last year/Thinks it might have been a protest kind of thing/And wears a huck finn cap and drinks baton rouge wine/Plucks the guitar slowly and remembers when/There was nothing to remember which he says/Was better"

DECEMBER 3, 2002
"and how over the years he needed / his real eyes less and less so / he covered them with thick glass / like they were fruit needing a hot house / or greenhouse cover / and on cold frost mornings dark / as smoke he biked along / the cold frost roads like / a blind man on a bicycle"

OCTOBER 27, 2002
"harry is walking with his hand held by his mum/who is very pretty because she's younger/than she is now and harry's hardly able to walk/and they stare at some pigs and then/harry watches the sky and his mum putting a big wash/on the line in the garden and he strums a plastic guitar/which has the beetles on it/you know ringo george john paul/because they were just the rage then/and he sings"

SEPTEMBER 28, 2002
"Harry makes a lost on a crisp piece of paper/Then folds it into a small square/Folds it once then twive then again and again until/Its too hard. So he stops knowing that/To go further would be impossible"

AUGUST 31, 2002
"Harry likes the cruelty of people/They are all cruel/They are what harry talks about/In his atmosphere/His terror is of the whip/The revenge he needs against women/They knocked him up/The child always dies/He needs to get back at them/Why did they always abandon/Him and his child ?/Is what harry always has to ask"

JULY 27, 2002
"It is beauty and delicacy\In the breathing space between 3 and 5.\Of course you can love more than one person\To the limit of the blood rose\The millionth sun that explodes overhead"

JUNE 16, 2002
"Rather be dead than mean rather be ruined than moderately/Civil rather have a heavy cigar than a mint lozenge/Rather have a throne of beggars than a purpose built house/Rather have something stupid and doomed and cornered/The blood ripped throaty howl of the cornered beast/Knowing itself knowing of the limits reached/Crossing the borders lines noughts and crosses"

JUNE 1, 2002
"well/Only death will recall/In a posthumous reckoning/Time that was stupid insipid boring cowardly/Only death will be unsparing, /And take stock only the dead will say it/but the dead are unable to bring us back to life/It'll be too late for that it'll be too late/Shudders harry."

MAY 9, 2002
"Harry crashed/And when he got out of the wreck it was another harry/Like a shadow harry without the same insides/Getting out and/The other harry had new insides/The old insides/They were left on the crushed up seat/In the cracks of the green-tinted windscreen/In the cracks of the human sternum/In the cut little shins in the slow motion/Inhuman thought just before impact which was/Harry realising there was nothing he could do/To stop the crash he could feel/It"

MARCH 18, 2002
"On the London tube once when harry/Came to London and stayed/In a b and b somewhere near Paddington/It was the first time he were ever/In London on the tube/He saw him the runner/In the dark tunnels/Running next to the train/And he was still unstoppable./He never spoke he never/Even turned to look at harry/He was too dedicated"

MARCH 06, 2002
"We had a carpet that I saw again/In a museum in London for the sixties/And I remember my dad used to smoke a pipe/And had a red sweater my mum had a cute bobbed hair cut/There was a railway line and a canal near where we lived/And some days I used to look at windows and think what if"

FEBRUARY 24, 2002
"I have the power to be invisible, you know,/Like every Saturday we'd go as a family/To these other people and their kids/Would always be seen and talked about/And we were told we should be more like them/With their fine manners and skilful ways/with horses and musical instruments and beauty."

FEBRUARY 9, 2002
"Until her there was no one could just hold me/Always they wanted me to hold them which/Was alright because that's a nice thing/To do too but then she did it to me"

FEBRUARY 3, 2002
"I used to get into fights for my brothers / That was how it was and once hit a boyfriend of my sister / Because he was being a bastard to her. But even then / I knew they'd all push off and since then / I have missed them. Which is something / I have never said and the whole point of these poems / is to say the truth and maybe / Things I never said before. / So there. "

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