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Extraordinary interviews by Kimberly Nichols

October, 2002
"I'm interested in thinking deeply around certain topics of everyday life -- birth, love, work, death. The big, but familiar concerns, which have all too often been abandoned as subjects of study by academics, and are simply dealt with by novelists or, in non-fiction, by journalists." interviews bestselling author Alain De Botton.

September, 2002
"I think we can absolutely have big tits and wear a stethoscope. I don't think there's any contradiction there. The contradiction happens in the contrast between the fantasy and the real. There's a huge chasm there. In this piece, what I was working with was playing with the icon of the "perfect" beauty standard, as well as the "perfect" childhood role model against the lived experience. I'm hugely interested in how we're betrayed by cultural fantasies." Kimberly Nichols interviews Daphne Gottlieb, author of Why Things Burn, on the need for turning old institutions inside out.

June, 2002
"Well, although it can be an uncomfortable thought, our very identities are fluid. That is if we're healthy. Of course, the certainty of a rock solid foundation is appealing and reassuring. Certainty is a seductive safety net. But once you're set like cement, you're finished. Stability is nice-rigidity is not. We've got to remain open to learning, to making mistakes, and therefore, we must resist the ego's proclivity for permanence." Kimberly Nichols interviews Conduit's William Waltz in the debut column of OFF THE PAGE.

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