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Susan Taylor

Most of the nerve endings on your clitoris are on the left side.
Your G spot seems to be about two inches in, slightly to the right.
There is nothing worse than breaking rhythm, unless it's doing it too hard.
You like your coffee with lots of milk.
You hate to be kissed before you brush your teeth.
Your feet are always cold.
You like to kiss with the taste of wine still in your mouth.
You like to have your nipples circled, slowly, with a fingertip or tongue.
You don't enjoy having your butt touched, at all.
You don't like sharing the shower.
You stretch gently in response to having your neck stroked.
You hate having your navel touched.
You always stop to pet cats on the street.
You don't refill the ice cube trays.
Sometimes you look like you're listening, but you're not.
You aren't good at it but sometimes you lie anyway.
Someday, the two of you will run into me somewhere, at the movies or just leaving a restaurant as you're entering it, and I will still know all these things about you. And both you and your next lover will know that I do, by the way that I smile.


Susan Taylor is a writer living with a domestic accomplice, a toddler, and too many cats and dogs, in an old and small house in Minneapolis. Her work has appeared in Rosebud, Binx Street, on Moondance's webzine site, and in the anthologies From Inside Grief, published by Wise Press and Blink: Sudden Fiction by Minnesota Writers, published by Spout Press.

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