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GOD #204 AND GOD #209


Mark Pashia

GOD # 204

i'm drinking green tea
and contemplating suicide
when it occurs to me
why kill the body
when the spirit is sick

god chuckles
drinks green tea
and contemplates
10,000 tomorrows

GOD # 209

i see things
with eyes tinted blue
i find solace in scarecrows
and gods in the gutter

i pray on tuesdays
to remember forgotten promises
and drink of virtue
only after midnight

choices are black and gray

the sinner seldom finds redemption
the innocent
lives a life of white
i dream of gold rings
and grasping salvation with my last breath

i sought the truth
and found the truth was just an anti-lie
that i was god
and god was smiling
from the catatonic sky

(First published in Pierian Springs)


Mark Pashia currently resides in Newport Beach, Ca. He has led a life made difficult by his own actions. In an effort to purge his demons, he began writing three years ago, which resulted in a life graced with peace and beauty. His work has been previously published in Comrades, Naked Poetry, KotaPress Journal, Pierian Springs, Aileron, Megaera, Moonwart Review, Another Sun, The Doomed City, and the print edition of Devil Blossoms.

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