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Steve Gubbins

Misleading Imagery on a diaphragm that was
Built on vision and now held in Vain
From a brain that is drained and
Clearly Insane
To the mouth of a Monkey
Who tried hard to speak
To the voice of a Wanker
You would not repeat
To the mouth of a baby
Who's just lost his sweet

To the hands of a Spirit all
Withered and dry
To an Internal Organ
Not quite what it seems
Looks like a Liver
"Fuck me it's a Spleen"
Then handed down to a place near obscene
The tallest of buildings
Thank God it's a dream
As the dream becomes real
Theirs no way to conceal
How your heart and your spirit
Can soon lose their hold
How you open your mouth
And you dig a great hole

Just listen to monkeys
And don't lose your

I Once Had A Problem
I once had a problem with brains or lack of them
My eye sight is shot
And all memories forgotten

a life time of promises
"YEAH I'll give up"
A lifetime of retakes
"YEAH I'll give up"

I once saw the devil that
Came from inside of me
Jump out and smile
And then offer this bribe to me
He would keep me this way
Bad through and through

In return for this favour
I'd some things to do
And that's
Worship his name
Join in with his game
Spread sickness through others
Friends, sisters and brothers

Quite a tall order
What was I to do ?

Then an angel appeared and sat by my side

Not looking too well with wings battered and torn
"do you want to fly with me."
"Limp off and die with me."
"I'll show you the good side"
"No reverse or perverse side"
"being this good "
"Isn't all ways that easy"
"Still at least you can go to your grave with some pride"

In a drunk, drugged up haze
The decision was clear

To stick with the bad boy and
Spend all my days doing
Just what I want to do
So I'll get by
But he taught me to well
And I told him a lie
Yeah I worship his name
Yeah I joined in his game
but that's where it stops even when I get high

so family and friends you can all take a sigh
of relief as your all free of grief
my mind is now focused
I'll go it alone

The devil inside of me
Angel at home

I could break of it's wings
Or teach it to Swear
To be brutally honest i dont even care
If it just lays in wait for the day its to late
Then turns up all saintly and just has a go
At me right there and then
With a speech that must end
with that line
That's been tested
Again and again

Now I've a problem with brains
Or lack of them
There are Voices in here
But I cant quite get at them
So leave me to work out what's Good and what's bad
This is becoming the worst trip I've ever had

The devils still in me
The angel in wait

I've taken my chances, the rest down to fate

A lifetime of promises "yeah I'll give up"
A lifetime of replays "yeah I'll give up"

"stick with me son I will open the gate"
"to your life of freedom"
"just get in a state"
"forget all your problems , live life then you'll see"
"with me you'll be happy"
"with me you'll be free"

Now its too late and its all coming back to me
Why didn't I listen when the angel spat at me
Then I knew it was back to finish the speech
But IM far too gone now, well out of reach

It's wings are all fixed now, Body is well
his given the bad boy directions to hell
To late for apologies
now it's calostamy
Tubes that hang out of me
filling and draining me

Then it pipes up
And what do you know
The line i most feared
"I just told you so"

Maybe it was the day that I woke up chocking

Maybe it was to do with too much smoking

Maybe there was hope

Maybe there was dream

Maybe there was something that was

Not quite as it seemed

Maybe it was the day I woke up

Mouth of apples stinking

Maybe it was to do with all the piss that ive been drinking

Maybe there was nothing left

Maybe nothing left to see

Maybe ill just sit all day and write



Steve Gubbins is thirty-nine and lives in West london. When not fronting a punk cabaret band, making zombie animations and talking to BBWs on chat rooms, Steve moonlights as a printer. He would like to suck William Borroughs' cock.

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