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Tom Sheehan

We Share A Universe

Only where fences fall down,
where continents spread their flimsy gear,
where small ponds, trout dancing
their lives away, stagger
and reel and die.

Ants, whole civilizations
of them, near Asiatic, ravage greenery
and flesh and fur. A sound
begins, subtle
as a snake.

A mountain teeters into its
one hundred and twenty-thousandth century,
finally tiring of it all. An egg,
in a tree fork, begins
to open.

My hand flings a rock
a thousand times older than thought.
It skips neatly on water that's
been recycled three billion
times, then some.

Where Pluto has been, careening
on the absolute edge, outermost as
my mind will let it be, refined to powers
that numbers expend,
a shadow starts.

Beside the back door,
where robins hustle time, and worms
early till the tired soil, where a daisy
dares to root dowser-deep, my son
starts his memory.

Ultimatum to A Friend
The mercury
Is resolved.

My hand the Earth
Passes a quick shadow,
The distinction
Of a breath.

A new feather
Finds a warm wing
To grow from.

The cup
And the juice,
The Earth
And the seed,

Are one.


The secret
Is the grip.
By the finger
Nails if need be.

Mostly by
A corner
Of the mind,

An edge
Where a root strikes,
Curls like
A rattler.

The heart
Is enough.


Past the next
Tense of mind,

We will think
Of now:
Grass clearing
Its throat,
Ground cover
Ripe of ballistics,

Your hands
At introduction.


You will be
A poem,
A voice on a page,

A leaf rising
From the ashes
Of a winter tree.

If never comes
We shall never forget:

Grass ripe,
You rich,
Me urgent.


Tom Sheehan: Lit Pot Press, Inc. just released his "This Rare Earth & Other Flights," 232-page collection of poetry. He is a partner in and is co-editor of the sold-out 2500-copies of "A Gathering of Memories, Saugus 1900-2000," hailed as "an epic, a masterpiece and must reading even for our carpetbaggers." A novel, "Death for the Phantom Receiver," will be issued later this year by PublishAmerica.

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