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Dennis Mahagin

This is the part of the Porn Flick
where you no longer envy the actors

on the screen all those cocks

plunging like daredevil barrels over a Niagra
of cumshots and cunt...

The organ-and-sax soundtrack-number-six pacing
the action has modulated to three different keys
without saying anything new, and now
the trick is to treat oneself

to a box of bon bons
from the refreshment salon

watch him

rise up from the squeaky blue velveteen seat
and sally forth up the steep grade
of sticky concrete lacerated
with sperm splashes and clorox--

chalked hopscotch boxes filled with pen pal
postscript and screen name source code,

a thousand climax-sighs a second
on prepaid cell phones,

and anything-goes strip club mail slots
sliding open like rifle bolts
for passwords scrawled on c notes...

The shiny glass
candy-and-popcorn case
in the lobby is garish as a tanning booth
left ajar-- the backlight scrotal bulbs
like fluorescent necklaces on the mirror
walls of a starlet's trailer.

The counter girl, who resembles
the singer, Jewel, buried in her textbook
cross-legged on the highchair
by the ice machine has learned

to look at the world from far away,
and she fixes him with a squint

intimate, clinical and pained
all at the same time

searching the space around his face
for a blur of cartoon-balloon
caption that would explain

conga lines of hairy-backed mullahs pumping
burka-draped glory holes bounced
like boxcars in the dark

the Leader of the Free World
red-faced and sputtering through a catalytic haze
of Tiparillo, jacking off into the split seams
of a blue dress...

And what of this student of plane geometry
and human nature? On what authority
does she brace an earnest customer all
passive-aggressive in that fashion,

and just what does she think
she's reading there


Dennis Mahagin is musician and writer from the Pacific Northwest. He has worked as a counselor, care attendant, and longshoreman in an Alaskan cannery. His poems have appeared online in "Stirring", "Twelfth Planet", "Slow Trains", and "FRiGG." He is currently at work on a chapbook.

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