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Andrei Codrescu, Laura Rosenthal, Mark Spitzer and Robin Becker

throbbing gristle

I'm pro-clam
O Pro Tubular comet raise your sungod blone.
Poets move away
from genitals. Move toward
the seed that shudders a velocity that
will achieve NADA

    (margin release should never be taught to anyone under 60
    'cause then they cut you off
    & capitalize on every return
    suckling with your gray matter)

do it

move beyond that female hat-stink brat
smell sweet cosmos leaning into nothing
as gaseous and deep in camp
and like the smell of children kill
breathing through the swirl of mice
lopez was a wolf  his wolverine was stoned

the avocado was an orphan of the Manatee of Glove
the hair of pearlflesh was the rape of Ophelia in bloom
succulent ripple roseflesh lunch

she who gorges gorgeously
will be first in line for organ donation
her name is Cindy Crawford
I think.

_ avec M Spitzer
A Codrescu
L Rosenthal
R Becker

kill the facsists

and fear their religious descent into nefarious horrors
of zeitgeist installation from brachiating visions
of a monkey grown a beard like a Serbian Jew
in the roasted sausage at the clambake
at the Hairy Inn of Fork

sweet red pepper fascist ripe tomato fresh
one fingered fraternal order
of artichoke of mine
O Allah, Allah by Jove
cumdown to earth, come down
to my California of fluids and their dispersal

it's all about liquids
come down sister dew ahead
hoarfrost kleinen lust zu stucken
 the lizards of oblivion
 blue language

_ avec M Spitzer
A Codrescu
L Rosenthal
R Becker


Robin Becker lives in Kirksville, Missouri, where she is currently selling her soul by writing for a public relations office.

Andrei Codrescu's new novel, Wakefield (Algonquin Books, 2004) bursts with evil insouciance mitigated only by architectural probity. He's on a twenty-two city tour to collect stories about borders, and to read from Wakefield.

Laura Rosenthal's gnostic practices have gained her a following of literary snobs and lotus-eaters. Her sybilline verses are sometimes smuggled against her wishes into magazines and anthologies. Given to aphoristic rages and spontaneous debauches, she is greatly feared (and masochistically desired) by the poets who ended up in her notorious "Body Bag" in Exquisite Corpse. Laura has very short hair and beautiful hands, and not much gets by her.

Mark Spitzer is a novelist of revolting literature, a translator of criminals and perverts, and a professor somewhere in Missouri. Visit his Website if you dare.

Robin Becker, Laura Rosenthal, and Andrei Codrescu dine on the head of Mark Sptizer. Jpg doctoring by Chris Turner.

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