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Mandy Beaumont

Take on exquisite pain

Let your fingertips bend towards the simple outline of your landlord's

Watch blood red blisters form at the precise point where your pen sits
and say to yourself, "If I had a balcony, I'd sit up all night and
write small lines of love to you in battered journals"

Walk back into the bedroom where he lays in silence
gripping himself
and asking you to stand before him

Show him

Take on his distinct reality that sometimes finds itself at your
or in the back of inner city cabs

Show him

where the pain is beautiful, swollen, hot

ask him to place his warm wet mouth on your fingertips and soothe,
so that your pen can draw a map to your home
in blue ink on his inner thigh

In this awkward silence
an impossible beauty sits on his swollen lips
and you ask him to join you

Bring back seductive conversation
Let it into everyday meetings

and exchanges

Pluck random titbits of sentences and place them on the tip of your
then slowly, touch the base of your bottom musked lip
and let words burst in droplet formations towards your companion.

Clean hands rest upon basin's edge
flirt with the danger of scolding water
and the truth of open wounds

She has had scotch, a line of coke
and her body feels feline, smooth
Her problems of obsessive eating stop when her body feels like this
and she walks with a pronounced sway in her hips

outside the blowing of barbequed smoke

Her hair is died black
it shows her blue eyes and pale skin
hides her mousy brown suburban hair
and gives her the allure of an age past of misunderstood youth

now as steak hits surface she smells and remembers
her aunty telling her stories of Germany at war time
where these smells meant loss

a street lights peers into her bathroom window
on this, the first night of summer 2003
makes shadows of towel racks and toiletries tinged with the faintest of
and she finds a romanticism in the silence of which she stars

blue, silver, still
she is alone


Mandy Beaumont is a 26 year old Australian Poet. Mandy has been published in such places as Retort Magazine, Ink Magazine, Dotlit Magazine, Vibewire and Youth Arts Queensland publications. Mandy had been the recipient of the 2003 Youth Arts Queensland Mentoring Program for poetry, the 1st resident poet for the Australia Councils Vibewire project and the Brisbane City council Art Force Awards. She has performed at such events as the Two High Festival, Straight out of Brisbane Festival, Australian National Poetry Festival and the Queensland Governments Creative Queensland Policy Launch. Mandy is also a member of the Brisbane spoken word collective Speedpoets‚ and this year she is a contributor in two books Text Messages and Best of Speedpoets 2003 published by Impressed Publishing. She is also an avid fan of beer drinking competitions, strangers who smile at her and dancing the night away in seedy bars!

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