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Mister Le is beautiful.

"It is a very hot day."

"Yes it is. May I offer you a drink?"

"Very nice, thank you."

"Is water okay?"

"Cold water, yes, thank you."

"The girls are in the atelier -- through there. We're just in the middle of a shoot."

"Sorry. I come back."

"No, no. It's not a problem. Go ahead, I'll be along in a moment."

If only there'd been a father like Mister Le in my life ... or a grandfather, an uncle, something. Would have been a calming influence, that's for sure. He'll get one of the nice crystal glasses with the flamingo engravings. I'd be Vietnamese, of course, but what the hell. I like rice. The world would be minus Trash and her pictures, but one small, polite dark-haired person richer. Am I sorry for the soul in the child? Dammit, there it is again.

"Here you are."

"Thank you very much. My granddaughter just telling me how much they like to work for you."

"They're both very talented. You should be proud."

"They are good models?"

"Very good."

"I understand nothing about photographs. You ... you are professional. You think someone buy these pictures?"

"You'd be surprised, Mister Le. Annie and Dawn are in great demand all over the world."

Hmm. Now that's an idea.

"I don't disturb you longer. I may ask my granddaughters one question?"


I wonder if he'd go along with it.


I never did manage to find the riding crop this afternoon. It was an awesome shoot though, regardless. The dozen or so with Felix are some of the most charming photos I've taken, and I got three really intense close-ups of Dawnie tying the knots on her sister.

And Mister Le -- I mean what can I say? The man is a natural. When I asked if he'd do it his only concern was if he should put his water glass down or not. Turned out to be a nice prop. He sipped when I asked him to (tink tink tink went the ice's song), looked ever so gentlemanly, later held Dawnie's hand lovingly at his side, had her pussy in the pleats of his billowing Docker pants and did not once bat an eyelid. Incredible warmth happened between those two which I'm certain was not accidental. Annie, on elbows and knees in front of them, was more object than family member, and now that I have seen the proofs I know I got what I was aiming for today. The three of us made Annie small for an afternoon, and together we celebrated the plain and the aged.

"What's that, Felix?"


"Why, thank you kitty. But you know what they say. The essence of genius is to use the simplest ideas."

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