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her nakedness, he just handed her the package and she inserted the chip into the receptor pinned to his chest.

"What, no tip?" he smacked, chewing something minty and loud.

"Gazing upon my fabulous body is your tip, my dear."

He frowned, glanced down at Regina's forty-five year old, chunky form and sneered. Regina raised a hand to him, as though to hit him, but he dashed away before the blow could land. "Kids today," she sighed.

"Oh, Gina! That's a lot of food! Can you afford that much?"

"Not really, babe. But by the time I'm through with lover-boy there, it won't matter. It won't matter a bit. Have you been watching? Seen him yet?"

"No, not yet."

"Don't worry, he'll show up, probably with his new twinkie. He's insatiable. Got to fuck something by nine p.m. on the dot or he can't sleep, the poor baby."

"And you think he'll come home to do it?"

The concept seemed to totally surprise Regina. "Of course he will! I think," she murmured quietly. Celeste squirmed and began looking at all the pint-sized cardboard containers. "Dig in, kid; Buddy'll be along in a minute or two and then the fun starts."

Regina plucked a roast quail from one carton and tore it apart with her black fingernails and Celeste pulled out a kebab of shrimp, pineapple and frog's legs. The meal was as eclectic as Celeste had ever dreamed of and at the end of a half hour she was stuffed. Hoi sin sauce ran in a line down Regina's chin in the classic mark of a well-fed vampire and Celeste sat up on her knees and kissed it away.

"What?" Regina asked as she pulled apart another quail carcass.

"Just cleaning you up." Celeste giggled and then said, "Look! He's there!"

"See, right on time."


"Hilary, time please."

"The time is eight forty-two and forty seven seconds," Hilary's voice was sultry and smoky and very sexy.

"You were right."

"Of course, I know my Buddy. The piece-of-shit-prick-asshole." Regina fiddled with a small module in her hand. The image on the screen enlarged and clarified. They could see Buddy as though he were in the room with them. "You said you planted it?" Regina managed through a mouthful of cobb salad.

"I did. It was exciting! I told him I was a part of the janitorial service. I just had to step inside and drop it into one of those plants to either side of the door. He seemed happy to see me. Do you think he wanted to...?"

"Shove his huge cock up your virginal ass? You betcha. Asshole-prick!" A pout seemed to creep into Regina's mouth and then suddenly, brows tightening, it was gone. "What band is it transmitting on?"

"Thirty-two gigahertz, I think."

Regina fiddled with the thing in her hand. "Nope, that's not it." She let out an exasperated sigh.

"Twenty-three gigahertz?"

"Yep, that's got it. I'm going to have the computer print out a running transcript. Hilary, give me audio, enhanced, at fifty percent of maximum, and transcribe. Begin now."

"Eww," Celeste said as the man on the flat screen stepped further into the room to reveal another man. "He's going to do it with another guy? Eww!"

"Buddy doesn't care. As long as he can fuck. Bastard. He likes doing it that way, up the chute. Gives him a real thrill. I hated it. Prick. Don't ever fall in love, or fuck, your business partner. It's a real pit, I'll tell you."

"Oh, he was the one--"

"He was the one. Oh, was he the one! We met at a computer conference. This bitch with one eye tried to sell me a defective chip module. You could tell by looking at it but she smiled and said it was perfect. Cow diarrhea!

"Buddy walked up and told her he was a member of security. He said it so forcefully, his voice pitched much deeper than I would soon learn was normal for him. He guided her gently by the arm and told her in a deep, sultry, soaking-with-testosterone voice: 'Please miss,' he pulled her back to him to glance at her nametag, 'Jones,' and pushed her into the wall with his other hand by the small of her back. She was creaming, I could tell, and I didn't want her to feel good at that moment. That cyclops bitch! Who did she think she--Anyway, we got rid of her, I'll tell you later.

"Buddy's true voice was pitched higher that most other men's voices, sweet and ohhh so mysterious! I was on fire! I grabbed his tie with my left hand and I pulled him into my face. I begged him, "Please, please, please, please, please oh! Ah! Hahhhhhh." Anyway, he got the idea. He handed me a card and was gone. Never saw him again."

"Well, what did you do then? What!? Gina!" Celeste's little breasts bounced coquettishly in her excitement.

"Sorry. I couldn't resist. I'm kidding. I called him the next day, sorry. Oh, Celeste! The man could screw! It wasn't that he was so gifted in every area, hitting every erogenous zone on time, in sequence, no he wasn't like that.

"He was crafty! Oh, he was so ineffectual but was so enthusiastic, hefting that thing, bouncing and flogging me with it. At first, I thought he might have been a virgin. Imagine little ol' me breaking in this brute's untouched, unexplored body? Oh, I, oh, I had my first orgasm with him then, right there, on the concourse floor, with hundreds of people milling around us..

"It was a teensy one, but oh! It was there.

"And just at that moment, he grinned at me. It was grotesque in a way, but, right then, as my micro-fulfillment exploded into its minorly lubricating potential, something told him I was creaming!
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