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Kenji Siratori

Attack the blood of an ant! Zone of the disillusionment of the sun that was repaired by the spiral of the fatalities of a chromosome proliferates of this cadaver city quark=of which is gradually in flux on the cyber target=placenta of anti-faust=an embryo--horizon of f/0 of the clone that the dance machine of the cadaver that the soul of the disillusionment that the pupil of the rebellion girl that was done desire into the mirror of the chaos the aerofoil of the brain of the milligram of the drug to the jump impossible black hole of an ant battle my pure white cerebral cortex fuck walks transmit--VTR of the negative death of the embryo that the equator of the chromosome the clone-dance of the sun=organ that was fabricated the technology of the cell war by the horizon that DNA of the black sun that was deceived to the present tense of TOKAGE be infectious rhythm was supposed reflein % synapsetic=etc of the sun to the remainder of the digital*cannibal race to the body organ of the madman and dog who go mad 120% of despair of the electron ground target=brain resuscitates and give a blood transfusion to eye of the absence of the sun the cadaver city inside my mosaic embryo of zero gravity=of=induce terror to the emotion of Level0 of the nightmare the clonic living body of the reverse side in the moon the childish plug of the vital body to the placenta of the fatalities that continuously rotates to the eyelid of the murder of the pierrot the high speed the vulgar inhabitant of the drug=organ of the larva the revelation my brain resists in the style of bio=less of an embryo destroys: my blood is a cadaver and the same rank and do palpitation to air: the comeback impossible body organ of the wolf that parallels to the chaosmic war of a vital body chromosome of: brain cells that bore the tube of the womb against the mass of flesh of the madman: is incubated the infant of the wave of the zero who is latent in the world the happiness of the blue sky to the DIGITAL=placenta of the wolf that becomes extinct and conduct the equal soul that brain the desert of the drug mechanism of an embryo visual hallucination to the reverse space of the certain sun within the end of the world! The negative insanity of the material is contrary=to DIGITAL of the interior of the womb of the sun that ant records the brain of the reproduction on my DNA to eye that howled! Radioactivity=Level of the embryo that cracks.


Kenji Siratori (born in 1975) is a cult writer from Hokkaido in Japan. Another of his short stories, Tattoo, and an interview have appeared in 3A.M. Magazine. His novel Blood Electric is hailed in some quarters as a cyberpunk classic.

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