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The Offbeat Generation (published 02/02/2006)

Joshua Cohen and Travis Jeppesen, who used to edit the now defunct Prague Literary Review, are launching a bi-monthly journal called BLATT which will feature “a mixture of literature, art, and ideas”:

“When questioned about the magazine’s idiosyncratic name, Jeppesen had this to say: ‘It’s a German word meaning ‘leaf’ or ‘sheet of paper’ … basically any blank surface you can write on. Rather than say anymore about it,’ he added, ‘I’d rather let BLATT define itself’. In addition to the magazine, the first titles in a BLATT BOOKS publishing imprint will be hitting the shelves this spring.

Says Jeppesen: ‘We hope to be an engine for those interested in challenging dominant modes of perception, be it in the realm of letters or in visual mediums, or some cross-over between the two. We’re interested in artists, writers, thinkers, madmen, skeptics, and skydivers who are creating their own languages, carving out their own systematic approaches to the world that have nothing to do with anything else going on today. We want to be a forum for the voiceless, those who, by dint of artificial barriers such as language or purity of vision, don’t fit in with any current trends or cultural definitions. We’re into challenging preconceived notions of good and evil. We’re young, angry, horny, and persistent. We’re fighting a war against the mediocrity that surrounds us. We’re here to fuck shit up’.”

The BLATT lauch party is tomorrow at Cafe Metropole (Anny Letenske 18, in the Vinohrady district) in Prague. You can download an invite from the website. A New York launch party is scheduled for March.

(Picture: Andrew Gallix and Travis Jeppesen in Paris, 2005, by Guillaume Destot.)