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Burroughs Burroughs Everywhere and a Little Gysin, Too (published 31/12/2008)

December and January in London – and William S. Burroughs and his Beat Hotel partner Brion Gysin are all over the capital’s art scene.


The Royal Academy of Arts (yes, the Royal Academy) presents Burroughs Live, a series of films, portraits, collaborations, and performances placing Burroughs as a central figure in late-20th century art. 8th December – 19th January 2009.

Soho’s The Riflemaker Gallery exhibition Life-File is a collection of Burroughs’ automatic calligraphic paintings and file folders. Some of the paintings are almost Max Ernst-like in their decalcomaniacal execution. 15th December – 10th January 2009.

To coincide with the above, Brion Gysin’s Calligrafiti of Fire is at The October Gallery from 11th December 2008 – 7th February 2009. A rare chance to see one of Gysin’s larger works.

All the Sad Young Literary Men (published 29/12/2008)


After Tao Lin on Chris Evans… a bizarre but fun discussion at the Zadie Smith-curated Today programme on Radio 4 this morning (listen again here), with Stewart Home and Tom McCarthy being led by Hari Kunzru in considering what is the ‘avant-garde’ now (this site, apparently.) Here the ‘guilt-ridden’ Zadie Smith explains her editorial choices (pic: Home and McCarthy at the 2005 3:AM Xmas party)

Writing is a Commercial Act (published )


Bookkake continues to generate notches to its bedpost, with 3:AM‘s James Bridle shortlisted for the UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur award for 2009 (image from the Bookkake blog.)

Never Miss A Beat (Poet) (published 22/12/2008)


Poet, Rising editor, Anti-Social Worker and reader at a recent 3:AM/Pen Pusher night in Soho, Tim Wells (centre, obviously), is interviewed (by Pen Pusher‘s Anna Goodhall, left) in the Kaiser Chief-curated Guardian.