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O Site do Mês (Site of the Month) (published 19/12/2008)


Site of the month goes to the Itaú Cultural Institute, the foundation for the promotion of cultural exchange between Brazil and the rest of the world.

At this week’s ‘Connections: mapping Brazilian literature abroad’ event, 3:AM Brasil was a case study at several seminars, on which, more to follow.

More: me on Brazilian literature today / Stewart Home in Brazil

Rotten Borough (published 18/12/2008)


The latest Hackney Citizen carries not only a decent length interview with Iain Sinclair on his forthcoming Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire but also an expose of the murky municipal mendacity behind Hackney Council’s decision not to allow him to use its libraries for the book’s launch.

3:AM in Brighton (published 16/12/2008)


Lee Rourke reads this Friday (19 December) at the Permanent Gallery, Brighton. 3:AM‘s Andrew Stevens joins Lee on Saturday (20 December), alongside Tight Lip‘s Edric Brown, to discuss internet publishing.

Doors 7.45pm for 8pm start
Permanent Gallery
The regular live literary event presents readings from
Special guest Lee Rourke
Supporting readings from James Burt and Heli Clarke
Music from Birdengine
Tickets £4 (on door only)

Lee Rourke is the author of Everyday, a collection of short stories published by Social Disease (2007), reviews editor for 3:AM Magazine, and editor of his own online litzine Scarecrow. He also writes for The Guardian, The Observer and Dazed and Confused magazine.



2pm – 3pm
Permanent Gallery
With editors of 3:AM magazine Lee Rourke and Andrew Stevens

Brighton small press publisher (Dead Seagull) and Tight Lip’s webmaster, Edric Brown, will speak with 3:AM editors Lee Rourke (Everyday/Scarecrow Litzine) and Andrew Stevens (editor of 3:AM London, New York, Paris) about 3:AM magazine and discuss internet publishing as both an alternative to print publishing, and as a route towards it, amongst other things.

To book a place at this seminar event email Jay Clifton at jaycliftonx@hotmail.com by 5pm on Thursday 18th December.
The event is free, spaces are limited so booking is advised.

The Empty Chair Mystery (published 15/12/2008)


Can you guess who wrote “The Empty Chair”? I know, but I’m not telling. All will be revealed in next Saturday’s Times.

Murdoch, Myspace and the Murder Mile (published 12/12/2008)


Jean Hannah Edelstein talks to 3:AM co-editor Adelle Stripe and columnists Ben Myers and Tony O’Neill (aka ‘The Brutalists’) about disillusionment with contemporary authors and Web 2.0 as literature’s saving grace at SUSO:

In the two years since they set up their literary shingle, the movement has expanded both in terms of output and followers. “We chose the word ‘Brutalism’ to present a united front against the more conservatively-minded writing establishment,” Myers says. O’Neill is even more blunt: “I felt totally disenfranchised from literature, and I had the feeling that a lot of other people probably did too. If we didn’t give it a name, and make an attempt to push this kind of writing collectively, nobody would have done it for us.”