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Suck my keyboard: call for submissions (published 28/09/2015)

                                            60X1.com by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung (2003)

My (ironic) aversion to dialectical readings of contemporary literature situates my critical disposition as resistant to Jamesonian interpretations of a historically-determined consciousness. For better or for worse, such a position is not as niche now as it once was on the leftfield wing of literary criticism, particularly since the arrogation of techno-digital models of analysis for the project of the literary theorist, apropos the fascinating work emanating from the Stanford Lit Lab and UC Berkeley’s Townsend Centre for Humanities. As a result, the prospective 3:AM writer shall note my personal interest in soliciting submissions for perspectives on ‘Surface Reading’ and quantitative methods of literary analysis – ‘Machine Reading’, if you will. Along this vein, I’m also interested in critical examinations of computational methods of literary composition and the intrusion of the ‘digital’ into the aesthetic subconscious amid the continuing expansion of techno-capitalist discourse networks.

More broadly, I am always interested in submissions that concern the study of the following subjects:

  • Alt Lit
  • Hyper-consumerism
  • American Minimalism
  • Dada/Surrealism/Existentialism
  • Post-structuralism
  • Cybernetics & Network Theory
  • Anti-historicism
  • Literary forms of political resistance
  • Digital-aesthetic practices of cultural criticism

As well as English, I will accept submissions in Italian or Russian, and shall translate as necessary. Please also observe the following formal guidelines:

  • Submissions under 3,000 words.
  • No footnotes/endnotes – any essential extra-textual references to be included as hyperlinks please.
  • Please provide a short biographical sketch along with an ‘author’s photo’ to accompany your piece.

Please send your submissions to this email address. Should you have any general questions or proposals, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to reading your work.


Samuel Stolton.