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my brooklyn writer friend (published 21/11/2015)

Former 3:AM fiction editor Greg Gerke‘s debut short story collection is out now from Queen’s Ferry Press.

From the publisher’s page:

“These swift, swervy, nervous fictions—as often as not about writers in antic crisis with the language, lovers in trouble with their loves—are heartachingly hilarious and stocked from margin to margin with agony-born brilliances fresh and revitalizing. Greg Gerke’s endearingly self-questioning narrators worry their doubts into a make-do grace that leaves a reader sweetened too.”
—Gary Lutz, author of Stories in the Worst Way

“Greg Gerke writes like an anthropologist of love, or like a Brooklyn-based Sigmund Freud, walking down a Mobius boulevard, finding the truth as it flowers in the cracks of the sidewalk. Honest, deadpan, personal and smart, these stories conspire, like a dream, to create a world both uncanny and familiar, delirious and quotidian, funny and sad and completely mesmerizing.”
—John Haskell, author of I am Not Jackson Pollock and American Purgatorio

“Greg Gerke is a short-form wizard; dark, funny, and seriously sly. His book will deliver you to strange new thought and feeling.”
—Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask

Read an interview with Greg at Electric Literature.