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Call for Submissions: Mark de Silva (published 02/03/2016)

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“Each of his essays starts from scratch, as he looks for a new vocabulary and a new form to talk about each new book”—that’s one 3:AM co-editor-in-chief (Andrew Gallix) speaking of the other (David Winters). It’s also an apt description, as I happily join the magazine’s editorial staff, of the kind of essay I am looking for from would-be contributors.

Some of us write laterally and lyrically, and produce brilliant, eclectic work doing so. I believe several of my very gifted colleagues may be better placed than I am to help you with your work. For the writer, however, who gravitates toward the surgical—the incisive—who specializes in building a point of view from the ground up, as directly as possible, I may have something to offer.

What 3:AM excels at, to my mind, is the counterintuitive piece, the kind that contests received wisdom on whatever social, intellectual, or artistic matter is at hand. I am particularly interested in those counterintuitive works that not only function critically, showing how an orthodox position doesn’t quite hold up, but venture, positively, to discover some new intuitions, some new wisdom, to replace or supplement what has been found wanting.

Here, then, are the subject areas in which I’m best equipped to evaluate essays, reviews, and pitches for such. If you have something to say about these topics, I hope to hear from you soon

Mark de Silva

20th century and contemporary literature, especially heterodox fiction
Cultural studies, especially music, sports, and post-colonialism
Philosophy of mind, consciousness, perception, language
Political Philosophy
History of philosophy