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The Big Day (published 05/05/2016)

claire-louise bennett

Claire-Louise Bennett, author of the extraordinary Pond, in Paris yesterday, following her appearance at Shakespeare and Company in conversation with Lauren Elkin.

Andy Blade / Prince Albert, Brighton (published )

By Nick Ashton.


Whilst most of Andy Blade’s peers have disappeared up their own backsides by now, he continues to defy expectation, releasing music that is far more edgy and vital than anything Morrissey/Lydon/Weller/Jones/Strummer et al, have ever produced. Blade’s command over an audience — large or small (as is the case tonight) — comes with a consummate professional ease, a craft honed over many years of live performance, often sharing the stage with those we now refer to as rock legends, yet somehow Blade has fallen through the cracks. His in-between-song raps, which are now just as much part of his set as the songs, command full attention. A very sharp, very dry wit indeed: even the likes of Oscar Wilde would have struggled to keep up with Mr Blade. Catch him on tour this year, I guarantee you shall be entertained.