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NY Art Book Fair Events: The Classroom Maija Timonen And Lizzie Homersham (published 10/09/2016)


‘There is a certain economy to relationships, one reflected in the language that often surrounds talking about them. Lets call it emonomics. People talk about “investing” in relationships, cutting their losses, also the word “value” (multifaceted as it is) features heavily in all sorts of self-helpish communications. When people consider their sense of self-worth, how (or whether) they are “valued” in their relationships, nobody ever seems to consider the hard sell, the flogging of your wares in a collapsed market.’
– from The Measure of Reality by Maija Timonen

Maija Timonen and Lizzie Homersham will read excerpts from the former’s first book length work of fiction The Measure of Reality (Book Works, 2015) and discuss love, sex and the awkward political relation of body and mind. Can ideology be discussed through its physiological effects? How does love suffer in a time of economic austerity? Timonen and Homersham will examine the way ‘internalisation’ figures in the text, as something that isn’t just a kind of adoption of a certain ideology, social reality, or understanding of the world, but is also shown as a process of taking something into oneself, into the body, in a material way.

Maija Timonen is an artist and writer based in London and Helsinki. She is presently in New York as a Triangle Artist-in-Residence. Lizzie Homersham is a writer; Editorial Assistant, Book Works (2015–16); and Whitney ISP critical studies participant 2016–17.

THE MEASURE OF REALITY (Book Works, 2015), is part of a three-book series G.S.O.H. The Rest is Dark, The Rest is Dark, guest edited by Clunie Reid.

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Turning Blue (published 07/09/2016)

Benjamin Myers has made a short film to accompany his new novel Turning Blue. Described by author Cathi Unsworth as “a queasily compulsive evocation of a wild and brutal Yorkshire landscape, informed and haunted in equal measure by the shades of Jimmy Savile and his monstrous deeds and the East Riding’s lost boy of crime fiction, Ted Lewis,” Turning Blue is out now on Moth/Mayfly. A sequel follows in 2017.

EVENT: Lital Khaikin, Camilo Roldán & JD Larson at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop (published 04/09/2016)

Black Sun Lit

Black Sun Lit and Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop present Lital Khaikin, Camilo Roldán & JD Larson.

3PM Sunday, September 11, 2016
Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop
141 Front St, Brooklyn

CAMILO ROLDÁN (BSL) is a poet and translator living in Brooklyn. He is the translator of the chapbook Amilkar U., Nadaísta in Translation (These Signals Press, 2011), co-author of the chapbook ∆ [delta] (TPR Press, 2013) and author of the chapbook La Torre (Well Greased Press, 2015).

LITAL KHAIKIN (Vestiges_02) is the author of Outplace, which is forthcoming from Solar▲Luxuriance this winter. Excerpts from an ongoing project, a flight of objects that seemed real, will be published with Compound Press. Other writing has appeared in Berfrois, 3:AM Magazine, PLINTH, gobbet, Deluge, e · ratio and elsewhere.

JD LARSON (Vestiges_02) is a poet and translator living in Brooklyn. His translation of Nioque of the Early Spring by Francis Ponge is forthcoming from Red Dust in 2017, and recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Asymptote, The Brooklyn Rail, Gulf Coast and Lana Turner.