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Noumena: Initiation (published 29/06/2018)

NOUMENA: INITIATION curated by Jana Astanov

Sat June 30th 6-9PM LIC-A (Long Island City Artists)
The Plaxall Gallery 5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City 11101

Noumena: Initiation, the Local Project Art Space Event in NYC (June 30th 2018, hosted by Long Island City Artists), invites the public to the evening of Performance Art exploring magic and shamanism. Featured artists: Jaguar Mary X, Claire Zakiewicz + Siw Laurent, Megwyn White, Prieztezz Or Nah + Undakova, and Greem Jellyfish.

Since the 90s of XXc philosophers and art historians were looking for a term to describe the era after postmodernism, and while the term “anthropocene” became one of them, in terms of cultural production we are experiencing a new type of romanticism: return to feminine, mysticism, magic, nature and spirituality. The occult and magical are re-appearing throughout different art mediums possibly as an answer to our increasingly materialistic world.

As a response to this shift of paradigms, a performance art series themed Magic and Shamanism encompasses works focused on ritual, shamanic traditions (including healing and shapeshifting), paganism, witchcraft, occult, esoteric teachings, folk magic, as well as astrology, magical intents, narratives derived from mythology and religions, magical and symbolic languages such as grimoires and sigils.

Plato described the role of an artist as the one who translates the meanings of the cosmic consciousness for the rest of us. In a similar manner the Shaman or Shamanese, are the go-between medium, revealing the will of the divine and connecting the tribe with its vital force. Today’s artists can be perceived as traditional shamans possessing the power of accelerating humanity’s evolution in consciousness.

In pre-Kantian philosophy Platonic Ideas and Forms are described as NOUMENA, and phenomena are things displaying themselves to the senses.

In this event NOUMENA: INITIATION we invite you to explore the IDEAL somehow unknowable world with a group of performance artists whose work carries on shamanic traditions.

Artists bios:

Jaguar Mary is a performance artist, glossolalia vocalist, lmmaker and hoop dancer. Her specific concerns, and the directives that have driven her art practice, engage black feminist discourse, questions of history, and now, ritual performance and practice in art as tools to help us out of our world crisis. Jaguar Mary aka Jocelyn Taylor is an alumni of the Whitney Independent Study Program and has shown internationally, at the Johannesburg and Havana Biennials, and in galleries in Venezuela, Canada, France, the Netherlands and Dietch Projects in New York. She’s also collaborated with feminist artists Annie Sprinkle, Yvonne Rainer, Cheryl Dunye and others.


Katie Cercone “High Prieztezz Or Nah” is a visionary artist, scribe, priestess and spiritual gangsta hailing from the blessed coast. Katie’s transformational work lies under a sacred canopy of co-created ritual and magic to align with higher consciousness. Cercone has participated in exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, Bronx Museum, Whitney Museum, Dallas Contemporary, Momenta Art, C24 Gallery, Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, Dodge Gallery and Aljira Center for Contemporary Art. Her work has been featured in Dazed, MILK, Interview, Japan Times, Huffington Post, Bitch Magazine, Hysteria, ART PAPERS, ART 21, PAPER, Art Fag City, Washington Post, Art Net TV among others. A uniquely interdisciplinary artist, she is co-leader of the radical queer transnational feminist Go! Push Pops collective and creative director of ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS: Urban Mystery Skool. A known pioneer with her partner UNDAKOVA, the two lead seasonal HIP HOP YOGA RETREATS in the magical jungle of Thailand, turn up at high vibration sacred arts festivals worldwide host a new moon wellness ritual.


David Williams a.k.a. U.N.D.A.K.O.V.A. (Universe. Naturally. Delivers. All. Knowledge. Of. Vitality. Automatically.) has been awakening audiences with his insightful and knowledge-infused hip hop for over twenty years. Urban monk and teaching artist, his seasoned background in yoga and meditation has allowed him to develop a yoga hip hop curriculum for urban youth. UNDAKOVA believes self-love and artistic expression are the ultimate tools for empowering communities. LEARN MORE


Claire Zakiewicz has been living between New York and London since 2013. She explores relationships between sound, drawing and the human body. She has appeared as an actor, sound designer, performance artist for numerous productions. She has developed choreography for her own pieces and has exhibited her paintings and video works regularly across the globe. Her works have been shown at Tate Tanks and Tate Modern (London) for the exhibitions Tweet Me Up, and Label curated by Tracey Moberly. Over the past two decades Claire has performed and/or exhibited in the UK, USA, Italy and Norway. Her work has been broadcast on Resonance FM’s Late Lute Breakfast show. She has undertaken residencies at The Mothership, PointB Worklodge and Bill Young’s Dance studio (New York) and at USF (Bergen). Zakiewicz studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, London and Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge as an undergraduate before completing a research-based Masters of Fine Art degree where she explored the physical and metaphorical relationships between sound and sound and drawing at Sir John Cass School of Art, London.

Siw Laurent is a French-Norwegian interdisciplinary artist producing artwork through theatre, film, performance art, installation and music. She is the Performance Consultant and Artistic Advisor in the global field of Nature Connection and Ecotherapy at the University of Southeast Norway, Performing Arts Coordinator at NOoSPHERE Arts and permanent artist in residence at the Mothership NYC. She has written, produced and performed work in Norway and NYC since 2013 and is the founder of Active Body Listening, a practice based on psychoanalysis for holistic evolution and artistic expression, through which she performs Norse shamanic work artistically and therapeutically. Her works have been hosted by performance art festivals and venues such as Itinerant  Performance Art Festival, Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival at Glasshouse Art Gallery, Suffragettes Performance Art Festival at Rosekill, Grace Exhibition Space, Mothership NYC, HB Studios, Kværnerbyen Scene Oslo Norway and Villa Villplukk Oslo, Norway, among others.


Megwyn White graduated with a BFA in acting from the Tisch School of the arts where she also graduated with the Departmental Award from the Experimental Theatre Wing. She has performed with Big Dance Theatre, Sonneblauma Danz Theatre, and Rudy Perez Dance Company, and WISE. She has also worked with directors Tim Robbins, Steve Wangh, and has taught acting with senior faculty such as Raina Von Waldenburg at ETW.  She has been highly influenced by physical performance techniques such as the work of Jerzy Grotowski’s plastiques and dynamic yoga. She has used the last 18 years of her life to explore the somatic realms through bodywork, studies in yoga, meditation, and music. Her somatic healing work is called Haptic Body, a technique which explores unlocking the connections of expression within the body through tapping into the nervous system, and voice. Her work has been featured in Cosmo, Sensient Magazine, the Sex and Medicine Summit. Her focus in the realm of performance art is to activate awareness through embodiment using ritual as a tool for connecting with spirit and the potentials within the human form.


Greem Jellyfish’s experimental electro house music reflects her cross-cultural identity as a Korean living in New York. Even as she travels globally, her identity is hybrid, never fixed. She adopted the surname “Jellyfish,” because she comes from a mixed family of many names, often feeling as an outsider and a misfit. She finds freedom in the symbol of a deep sea creature that roams about, fluidly, transient, its very form made from the same water in which it lives.


About the curator:

Jana Astanov is a multidisciplinary artist, curator and a poet born in Poland and currently living in New York. Her work includes photography, poetry, performance and new media. She has written three collections of poetry: Antidivine, Northern Grimoire and Sublunar. Jana’s twitter @JanaAstanov


Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father (published 22/06/2018)

Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father

Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father, the debut short fiction collection by 3:AM Magazine co-editor-in-chief Tristan Foster, is forthcoming from Melbourne-based publisher Transmission Press.

From the publisher:

Eels, snakes, artists, photos, writers, sprinters, dead men, thieves, possums, sphinxes, whales, fathers, mothers, children, neighbours, lovers, churches, rivers, oceans, devils, heroes, stones, fur, fish, skin, blood.

Astrologers and mandarins. Delhi and Parramatta, Byzantium and Cappadocia.

The texts in this collection hunt down the lost and the dead, tracing their paths from small apartments in the suburbs of Sydney to Malpensa Airport in Milan, bearing witness to what they get up to when our backs are turned.

By turns strange, beautiful and beguiling, Letter To The Author of the Letter to the Father is an outstanding collection of short fictions from one of Australia’s most exciting new voices.

See Daniel Davis Wood’s review in The Collagist.