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HowTheLightGetsIn Festival Update (published 19/09/2018)

Helen Beebee is appearing at the festival this weekend. Read her new interview with 3:AM here.

2018 Festival Programme

Sat 22nd September
Sun 23rd September

We’ve already highlighted some of the philosophers at the event who we’ve interviewed at 3:AM here.

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The interpretation I prefer – call it the ‘projectivist’ interpretation – is just as you said: causation is just something our minds impose on events out there in the world. We do, in fact, infer effects from causes.’

Lewis says that our aim as philosophers is to find out ‘what equilibria there are that can withstand examination’, where an ‘equilibrium’ is basically a reasonably complete body of philosophical ‘opinion’. ‘

Our basic idea is that the Humean view of laws connects with a ‘compatibilist’ view about free will – compatibilism being the view that free will is compatible with determinism. ‘

Amongst social sciences and humanities, philosophy showed the second-lowest representation of women (worst was music composition) and far and away the strongest belief that success requires innate brilliance. There’s a similar pattern in the sciences, where maths and physics have the strongest belief that success requires innate brilliance and amongst the lowest representation of women.’

Helen Beebee is the Principal investigator on the AHRC-funded project, ‘The age of metaphysical revolution: David Lewis and his place in the history of analytic philosophy’, one of the co-editors of Philosophy and Phenomenological Research and an associate editor of the Journal of the American Philosophical Association; she is also on the editorial boards of Hume Studies and the Australasian Journal of Philosophy. She is currently President of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science and President Elect of the Aristotelian Society, and co-chair (with Jenny Saul) of the BPA/Society for Women in Philosophy (UK) Committee for Women in Philosophy. She has an interest in the under-representation of women in philosophy (women make up about 25% of permanent academic staff in the UK). With Jenny Saul she wrote a report on behalf of the British Philosophical Association and the Society for Women in Philosophy UK in 2011. Here she discusses Hume on causation, whether Hume creates or destroys systems, whether it would be rational to drop the subject of metaphysics of causation, how any theory of causation has to fit in with all the other metaphysical pieces, whether anything holds the universe together, free will, and the issue of why there are so few women in philosophy.