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Still Paris (published 25/05/2019)

The legendary Sam Jordison at The Haggerston in London. Sam’s “Still Paris” is on p. 511 of We’ll Never Have Paris.

We’ll Never Have Paris Launch (published 17/05/2019)

We’ll Never Have Paris, edited by 3:AM‘s Andrew Gallix, will be launched at Burley Fisher Books in London (7.30-9.30pm) on 22nd May:

Edited by Andrew Gallix, We’ll Never Have Paris is a new collection of fiction and essays about, set in or inspired by the French capital as it exists in the Anglophone literary imagination. It features contributions from an abundance of literary stars, including Tom McCarthy, Eley Williams, Max Porter, Brian Dillon, Jennifer Hodgson, Sophie Mackintosh, Stewart Home and many many more.

Join us for an evening of talk and readings with the contributors, chaired by Sam Jordison and with readings by:

Owen Booth
Elsa Court
Susana Crossman
Andrew Gallix
Tomoé Hill
Susana Medina
Chris Power
CD Rose
Lee Rourke
Richard Skinner
Joanna Walsh