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The Missing Links (published 26/10/2019)

According to Rob Doyle, Serotonin “reanimates the long-felt suspicion that each Houellebecq novel is an instalment in the biography of the author’s penis”. * Eimear McBride on why the novel matters: “The novelist must never deceive themself with the idea that they are in charge: the novel is. And this is not always an easy role to accept when the demands of the industry and the readership and the ego are so great”. * Matthew Turner on the architecture of fascism in Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina. * Nice John Cale retrospective. * Ben Lerner: “It’s one thing to depict a very particular place vividly, but how do you capture the absence of particularity, the phenomenology of standardization?” * Camille Paglia on BBC Radio 3. * Richard Lea interviews Nicole Flattery (audio). * Lavinia Greenlaw on Pamela Hansford Johnson: “Johnson’s men tend to think of themselves as more substantial than they really are. She does not correct them”. * Michel Houellebecq: best interview ever. * Kevin Breathnach interviewed by Martin Doyle at the Irish Times (podcast). * An interview with Lars Iyer. * Chris Power on Gerald Murnane. * Siri Hustvedt: “‘A male novelist hardens and dignifies the form, while a female novelist is doubly penalised as a woman working in an unserious form,’ she says. The distinction, she thinks, may explain why male writers have an equal number of men and women readers, while female writers are read primarily by women”. * John Robb in conversation with Viv Albertine. * Diana Athill RIP: “Reading was what one did indoors as riding was what one did out of doors”. * Rachel Cusk at Shakespeare and Company (video). * Fredric Jameson reviews Knausgaard. * Luke Haines on The White Album 50th anniversary reissue: “A new Beatles emerged out of the dank and the murk, and they spooked us. As brilliant as they had been in color, they were even better in black and white, and especially white. For that is what The White Album is. White as the walls of a gallery, white as heroin, white as cocaine, white as drugs, white as a ghost, and white as nothing”. * Chrissie Hynde: “‘I’ve never had anyone help me get to the top, so to be suddenly this anti-feminist…’ She shakes her head. ‘Go fuck yourselves.’” * Ben Myers on Paul Ewen’s Francis Plug: Writer in Residence: “Plug is a Wetherspoons Wodehouse, a dole-queue Defoe, a pissed-up Pepy“. * Rachel Kushner: “Success is for losers”. * Lauren Elkin on Virginie Despentes. * Wendy Erskine on home and Sweet Home: “I may enjoy the eloquent writing of the person who frames his or her experience through reference to continental philosophy but someone on the Jeremy Kyle Show has no less intensity of feeling”. * A micro interview with Anne Carson. * Short stories inspired by Unknown Pleasures. * Sophie Mackintosh on her story based on ‘New Dawn Fades’. * Don Letts celebrates 50 years of Trojan Records. * Richard Hell, man of letters. * Denmark Street. * Colin Lane on the cover of The StrokesIs This It? * Anne Enright on Sally Rooney’s Normal People.