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3:AM Reloaded


What you (may have) missed on 3:AM recently:

Reviewed: Darran Anderson on Athol Fugard’s Tsotsi; Joe Kennedy on Andy Beckett’s When The Lights Went Out: What Really Happened to Britain in the Seventies

Poetry: In the sixth of his Maintenant series SJ Fowler interviews the English poet Tom Jenks; ‘From star’ by Tom Jenks

Non-fiction: Roland Kelts’ Japanamerica on how American prudery is affecting Japanese law; Dan Rhodes on five books that loomed large while writing Little Hands Clapping:

Sometimes it helps to read a book that is relentlessly terrible. It’s energising to have something to fight against, and knowing you aren’t the worst writer in the world can lift the spirits. This book is a pile of dog’s mess… Holy smoke this is a bad read. But what really makes me angry isn’t so much the book itself, it’s the way the literary establishment queued up to kiss its dreary arse. “Oh Florence.” “Oh Edward.” This book is the enemy.

First posted: Sunday, March 28th, 2010.

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