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3:AM Top 5: Sophie Erskine


Sophie Erskine is 3:AM‘s latest co-editor. She is also part-time research assistant to the novelist Karen Essex, media manager for the poetry group Perdika Press and is in the first stages of writing a film with the neuropsychologist Paul Broks and the theatre director Mick Gordon. Sophie is currently listening to:

1. “Over the Hill” — John Martyn
The world needs a John Martyn revival movement and I think it should start right here, right now.
2. “Three Hours” — Nick Drake
Sometimes I get depressed that I’m not as cool or as genius-like as Nick Drake; then I remember I can just listen to his music and pretend I am. I want to stick this track on, get in a car and drive along the coast at sunset. Cheesy? Yes, but it would be orgasmic, no mistake.
3. “Old Enough” — The Raconteurs
As a folk fiddler myself, I do love a bit of a violin-geetar combo. ‘You’re too young to have it figured out/you think you know what you’re talking about/you think it all will work itself out/but we’ll see…’ Like Fairport Convention with a nasty hangover.
4. “Sing For You” — Tracy Chapman
All ye who underestimate the power of Tracy Chapman — may ye gods have mercy on ye. Indeed.
5. “Kids” — MGMT
The musical equivalent of a can of coke: addictive, ubiquitous and guaranteed to pump life into any bleary, bleak, boring January day.

First posted: Wednesday, January 28th, 2009.

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