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Reviews » On Care (published 11/01/2021)

Tom Allenʼs ʻPreliminary Notes After Care Homesʼ touches on the idea that once upon a time moving into a care home might have been seen as entering a community. Now, he reflects, Care Homes are a microcosm of capitalist society; in which those citizens who are no longer productive have to use the capital built up over their working lives, embodied in their own homes, to pay for care. Allen adds that because of the increasing vulnerability of the ageing body to accident or internal failure, ʻthe care home is a place in which the senselessness of a certain notion of fairness, itself a historical relative of the illusionary logic of the age, is omnipresent and, as such, a care home is a place in which the prattle about dignity, work and earning are at their most intense and their most obviously false.ʼ

Bridget Penney reviews On Care edited by Rebecca Jagoe and Sharon Kivland.

Fiction » Are you a Doctor, Sir? (published 19/06/2015)

“I wonder if there is a matter of identification, and if so, with whom, for in the structure of hysteria desire is subordinated to what is imagined to be the desire of the other, who has been granted a privileged position (yes, I am a doctor), and who is able to respond to what is expected (you can say anything to a doctor). There is the demand to a master (to show his mettle, what he does not have), a certain renunciation of one’s own desire in favour of another’s…”

Fiction by Sharon Kivland with art by Dawn Wooley.

Fiction » Anna and Sigm. (published 12/01/2015)

“Often when I am invited to speak, I show this photograph. Look, it is a photograph of my father and me on holiday. No, of course it is not, do I seem to be a woman who would willingly wear a dirndl? Unless I were a small child. No, of course it is not really a photograph of my father and me on holiday.”

New fiction by Sharon Kivland