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A Personal Golgotha

By Richard Marshall.


[Gallix circa 2003]

[Stevens circa 2003]

A bit of fun… Stuff I’ve done over the years here at 3:AM thanks to legends Andy Gallix and Andrew Stevens…  It’s all DIY  – hardly proof-read and done too fast in between day jobs to be anything but jump-start writing. So forget about the writing. What matters is what its about. It adds up to a boss reading list and a cranked up gang of characters smoking up the haunted back bars of the eerie early morning. 3:AM’s been around since 2000 and I joined Gallix’s punkstorm early on. It’s one of the oldest literary sites on the web. And back in the early days there was hardly anything out there so we were literally making it up as we went along. We still are. Lots of things have changed since the start and  people have come and gone of course. There’s a new crew now. Still, I like that Andy’s still throttling the helm and Andrew keeps lighting fires.  I’ve used paintings by Billy Childish because he’s got the right stuff and was someone who I interviewed early on. He played for us at the Horse Hospital gig near the beginning too. All this stuff is pretty temporary and outside the walls of more conclusive materials. So think of this as a personal Golgotha.

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[Billy Childish: Robert Walser Lying Dead in the Snow]


An Interview with Mark Amerika at the ICA

An Interview with Steve Aylett 

An Interview with Steve Bell and Martin Rowson

The Relentlessly Depressing Squares Have Taken Over

An Interview with Michael Bracewell

Bombs and Buddhism: An Interview with Billy Childish

An Interview with Matthew Collings

Sex And Economics: An Interview With Cyber-Punk Economist Diane Coyle

Graphene-punk economics vs darth vader: Diane Coyle

In Griot Time: Interview with Banning Eyre 

Giving anarchists cigarettes: an interview with mick farren

An Interview with Simon Ford 

Originality matters: Paul Fry

Bad Blood Boy: An Interview with Psycho Cinemas Christian Fuchs  

Bob Dylan and Me: An interview with Jill Furmanovsky 

South of the Border :Coco Fusco

An Interview with Tom Gauld 

Still Swinging: An Interview with Subway Sect’s Vic Godard 

An Interview with Greg Hart 

It Murders Your Heart: An Interview with Richard Hell  

Legendary Misbehaviour:Ernest Hilbert 

An Interview with Tom Hodgkinson 

Whiskey a Whore Galore- 69 Things to do with Stewart Home. An Interview 

Random Things about Maxi Kim

A Decennial Appreciation & Celebratory Analysis:Jarett Kobek

Rape New York: Jana Leo

The New Bawdy:Toby Litt 

Freedom & Memory:Ray Loriga

Two Americas Passing Strange: An Interview with Sally Macleod 

The Secret Language of Poetry: An Interview with Gerard Malanga 

Tokyo Bloodbath: Stanley Manly Interviewed

The Madman’s Magnifying Glass: An Interview with Collaterally Damaged Mark Manning  

There is no Plan:Jonas Mekas 

The Road to Perdido: An Interview with China Mieville 

Suzy, Led Zeppelin, Punk and Me: An Interview with Martin Miller 

Poet, Painter and Punk Sexton Ming 

Literary Doppelgängers:Wu Ming

A Choral, Polyphonic World: Wu Ming

An Interview with Jan Mladovsky 

Breaking Windows: Part One of an Interview with Michael Moorcock 

Strange Connections: Part Two of an Interview with Michael Moorcock 

Trust:Hans Neleman 

A little bit more Upstairs: An Interview with Courttia Newland  

Semina’s Dark Object:Katrina Palmer

The Novel’s Nervous Breakdown:Bridget Penney

Thinking Dangerously:Jean-Michel Rabaté

Dreaming with his Eyes Open:Jeremy Reed

Out of the Darkness: Marcus Reichert

An Interview with Greg Rowland 

At a Hard Right Angle: An Interview with James Sallis  

An Interview with Gerald Scarfe 

No Compromises: An Interview with Jack Sergeant  

Free-thinking london babble: my fucked interview with iain Sinclair

The Nude Brain: An Interview with Kenji Siratori  

The Point: Body, Time and Experience: An Interview with Spike  

The Artist as Marxist:Julian Stallabrass  

Richard Strange

Sex In the Brain: An Interview with Mitzi Szereto  

An Interview with Matthew Sweeney 

All Hail Matt Thorne 

A Double Entry:Paul Tickell

Time will Tell:Vernor Vinge

Virtual Prey: An Interview with Adam Prusan and Mitch Lerman 

Restless Hauntings: An interview with Marina Warner

Make Mine a Haut Medoc: Lyrical Libertine Mark Waugh

The White Stuff: An Interview with Tony White  

Black Eyed Skank :Bobby Joseph

Performance Redux:Paul Buck

Perverse:Lisa Downing

Psychogeographic Soul Sister:Clare Brant

t.s. eliot’s untrendy underwear: Becci Dobbin

To Not Dishonour the Dead:Tony White

Sing if You’re Winning:Alina Simone

Sins Against the Soul:Daniel Harris


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perfection’s therapy: albrecht dürer’s melencolia 1

hefner: the virginia woolf of pornotopia

back to the real ai


the sorcerer’s apprentice

what algorithms want

hour of the wolf

homo sovieticus and mind control

femicide machine and the iguana 43

scotland yardie

fairy tales for the disillusioned

dylan’s american poetical company

600 years of defiant pose

louis armand’s the combinations

skank: the world’s most dangerous comic book

i hate the internet


the dropped baby

immortality isn’t forever

philosophical toys


trade encroaching a sacrament…

sam dunn is dead & theory of the great game.

shklovsky’s zoo

alan moore’s nemo: river of ghosts

retracing the expanded field


infinite fictions

the age of the crisis of man

the curious legacies of the brothers grimm

grave desire

9 lives of class war

tony white’s sinuous traces

wittgenstein’s radiator and le corbusier’s treacherous knot.

tara morgana

about five o’clock on the sun

cortázar’s glass trap

the rottweiler’s guide to the dog owner

knausgaard: norse dwarf, norse god

buildings must die



borges’s funes the memorious

why fight poverty etc

the utter silence of the andalusian refugee

time, history and literature

stewart home’s po-mo homer

kafka’s insight

canicule: vanishing

modernist ghosts

subversive fairies


against sinister pantheism

no thing

oblique drawing & bazin’s error

a modern original

exquisite corpses

a straight gaze

‘pataphysics’ useless guffaw

asmodeus’ flight


his bleak interregnum

victorious corruption

metaphysical london dark

searching high, searching low

the nietzschean brain

revoking berlin

nice nihilism

microethical issues

no one left to trust

rattling the mind

the fetish eye

the violence of the impossible: patti smith’s blakean conversations

fall from grace

rogue economics, adam smith & twin peaks twenty years on

the poetry of city life

ballard vs Baudelaire

the haunted room: atomanotes

illusory illusion: jarett kobek’s hoe #999

teenage hooker became a žižek machine

blood rites of the bourgeoisie

hackney wick res publica

the people’s republic of Workington

metaphysical prison literature

the philosophy of shadows

gonzo at the heart of the american empire

lost and found times

steampunk’s not dead

impulsive nihilism: mark waugh’s bubble entendre

the bitter stillness of jack marsden

a nasty piece of work

closed circuit literature

wide boys never work

ever cranked-up stories of ruthless murder

index, fingered

one break, a thousand blows!

the realist’s morning prayer & other turkish delights

Stewart Home’s Memphis Underground

utopian connotations and stewart home industries

marvelling at zombies

aylett’s lint

popular culture at its most mental

Stewart Home’s Tainted Love)

65 the defiant prose of stewart home

Tony White’s Satan!Satan! Satan! – Britpulp’s Northanger Abbey  

Book Review of Michael Bracewell’s – ‘Gilbert and George: The Rudimentary Pictures’ Milton Keynes Gallery, Gagosian Gallery.

Judas Pulp: ‘Raiders Of The Low Forehead’ by Stanley Manly.

Review of ‘Mark Manning’s Attack! Book

Michael Bracewell’s Perfect Tense 

Steven Wells as the New Jane Austen: Tits Out Teenage Totty as Pride and Prejudice 

Rory Cellan-Jones’s ‘dot.bomb. The Rise & Fall Of Dot.Com Britain’

Collateral Damage, Bad Wisdom, How To Be An Artist

Jack Sargeant’s Naked Lens: Beat Cinema 

Not Knowing Who Hugh Grant Is: Michael Bracewell’s The Nineties: When Surface was Depth 

Seeing Ghosts: Gerard Malanga’s Archiving Warhol: An Illustrated History 

The Primitivist Offence Of Tommy Udo’s ‘Vatican Bloodbath’


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‘the stuckness that isn’t exhaustion’: beckett and caspar david friedrich’s ‘the tetschener altar’

twin peaks as islamic process metaphysics

bad coop eleatics

the elephant in the boat: what ernest gellner can tell us about brexit and trump

shadow in the night: dylan at the royal albert hall

kamal daoud: l’étranger nouveau

béla tarr’s turin horse

lana del rey’s lynchian noir

resnais, giacometti and seductive maniera

the prophetic silence of bolaño’s ‘2666’

a cheerful, tranquil, immoral beckett

gellner’s islamic nietzscheans

the new french philosophy


beckett the nietzschean hedonist

cadillacs and owls

stewart home vs Heidegger

reloading beckett’s philosophical libraries

An Aside On Sonny Liston, The Last Boxer.

History as Porn 

The Clerkenwell Literary Festival 

Linder Sterling’s Manchester Voodoo. ‘Clint Eastwood, Clare Offreduccio and me: Requiem.’

The Travelling Blues of Tom Paulin’s William Hazlitt 

Jill Furanovsky’s Bobquest Evening

England’s Missing Critic 


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[ Pic: Stevens, Marshall, Gallix in 2003]

Richard Marshall is still biding his time.

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First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, May 19th, 2018.