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B. Willow

By Joseph Spece, picture by Tahnee Lonsdale.





I might employ this shiv to stab through, but B. Willow’s innards are leathern—its innards. I lie back. Are there innards beneath this pitch? It’s a sap-sheet set at ten watts, somehow, so I’m writing in it. Though tittles cloud, the glyphs stay fixed in the ooze. I am in a hollow bole, I fell down. How? Say, I must write something apt inside the trunk of B. Willow; that will be the story of me. One never saw an auburn coif like mine, and when I scaled the trunk of B. Willow, when I lit on branch fifth, I was absolute doe.

What is venison? And what does my loveliness matter now?

Unaccountable, I fell asleep on that branch. The air wove in lavender. I dreamt a cot was sliding back, that the limb was a bad apparatus. It is a hopeless radius of feet slid down; and now, in the cistern of B. Willow, juice from the roots fill up. Surely it eats this way, as my greaves are gone. And I wade, I cry out into the tall chamber. I am in a hollow bole. I write: A sustained hopelessness is Sublime. No. To the doe, then, what is venison.




‘Twas. Temperature&. MeshChain mesh a warm and out ‘twas my own—our—me—And—own sporebleed cloud & Wethinks—(?) / twas is (a) bitterer purchase to open than close.




Joseph Spece lives outside Boston, MA. His poetry and short fiction have recently appeared in AGNI, Berfrois, Triquarterly, Salamander, and Orion. His academic interests include poetics, interior fictions, animal studies, the numinous, psychoanalysis, and meaning in marginal art genres. Spece’s first book of poems, Roads (Cherry Grove), was published in 2013.

Tahnee Lonsdale, born 1982, lives and works in north west London. ‘Search For The Holy Grail’ is from her last collection, Waiting For Entry Into That Holy Place, a profound yet humorous study into our expectations of faith. Colour is intrinsic to Tahnee’s work, creating the illusion of frivolity while underneath lies a macabre and cynical view on life and what comes next. Tahnee’s next show Your Epoche will be showing with Roberta Moore Contemporary at Imitate Modern. She also has a painting hanging at Somerset House (September-October 2014) as part of the National Open Art Competition. More of her work can be seen here.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, September 29th, 2014.