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05/02/19: ASTRAL LOOP: White Owl Call for Submissions

Somewhere in an ancient part of the oldest European forest extending its quiet wilderness between the Eastern border of Poland into deep deep Belarus the Earth Pig, White Owl and Marilyn Monroe descended onto a narrow path covered in a layer of fresh snow. At first no one knew about their arrival but quickly happy go lucky, brave and easygoing Earth Pig, together with wise, and visionary White Owl, made an ice chamber featuring a triple-queen-size-ice-bed to celebrate Marilyn’s Lunar Return aka her Aquarius MoonDay, which called the attention of the fiery tongued dragon known to the locals as Jupiter.

Once he learned such dignitaries appeared on their land, he hearkened all the forest animals to greet them.

And when they all gathered around Marilyn’s triple-queen-size-ice-bed, the guest of honour, New Moon in Aquarius, descended from the nightly sky peering into the chamber.  

At which point Marilyn commenced her speech:

“In astrology, New Moons symbolise a new lunar cycle. This New Moon in 15 degree of future-oriented Aquarius occurring in early February brings us a chance to start visionary projects. With the conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Mercury, the intellectual energies are running high, further augmented by the sextile with Jupiter – she then winked at the dragon – in his own sign of Sagittarius opening the gates to the higher realms of thinking, philosophy, religion and ethics.”

Glittering moonlight filled the chamber with mercurial sparkles, fiery-tongued dragon Jupiter offered Marilyn, who in all honestly seemed to look like the most refined version of the Ice Queen, a collective gift from the forest animals: portable-crystal-ball-laptop with its own satellite Urania. Marilyn clapped her hands; she was delighted how modern this device felt compared to her black rotary telephone that suddenly felt so XX century and which used to limit her to one on one conversations.

Overflowing with inspiration she said:

“I was the feminine icon of the 20th century but so few knew I was also a poet!”

She looked at the White Owl who was her spirit animal, as well as a psychic confidante capable of translating her deepest emotional states into fluent verse. Even more, she was able to dive into collective subconscious or the underworld, gathering sacred knowledge that could transform pain into ecstasy.

Suddenly, without warning, The White Owl swooped over the crowd, landed on Marilyn’s shoulder and read their recent collaborative poem, inspired by shadowy eclipses of January, and all the pain caused by Plutonian urges. Marilyn nodded, giving the bird a sign to start while looking far away into the past and possibly seeing her own death caused by the conjunction of her progressive Sun and the natal Pluto. And so The White Owl recited:

she is
living out the consequences
of decisions she forgot

then comes a trigger point
& a man too rigidly convinced of nothingness

becomes her distraction
                            letting him drift apart from inner and outer
                            blindly pursuing
                            everything he is not

to feel
we play
like all spirits that go too far inside

so he faced the truth of meaningless suffering
turned it into hope
into dream
into something greater than reason

turned it then into a maddening passion
sweetness and fullness
transfigured sensuality
annihilating his face
in the first-ever selfie, murmuring
“mirror mirror of the soul
who is? and who suffers most?”

into nights, and the portrait becomes misery
caught in a frozen shard of ice.
It was Nietzsche who whispered

“the shadows of emotional excess
suit you best”  and the mirror replied
just like this.

the truth melted the shadow
the truth being unreasonable

& from that moment
the man abandoned the impersonal and the universal
ridiculed knowledge
and wooed an aesthetic
which was all ecstasy
and was her

All the animals fell silent, feeling perhaps slightly unsettled, with expectations for more of a party than a reading, but then the Earth Pig jumped on Marilyn’s triple-queen-size-ice-bed, and everyone noticed a sudden shift in emotions on Marilyn’s face; a couple of tears running down her cheeks, freezing and transforming into pearls,  which she then picked up to fed the Earth Pig.

“Ah thank you, thank you my dear animals – her voice resonating within the dank forest canopy, and sounding pure and exalted – we are here to announce our new project! A poetry collection that all of you female-identifying animals are invited to submit to!”

Her new portable-crystal-ball-laptop with its own satellite Urania lit up and in an ai-processed voice announced:

“Open Submission:

Women who turn the dusty philosophical volumes into verses, knowledge into magic, hermeneutic prose into sharp as a thorn poetica. Neptunian sirens, Pallas Athenas, those unruly intellects of the Aquarian Moon who master the thoughts systems pouring their wisdom into the collective… We are calling upon you to write and submit your philosophy-inspired poetry to be published in a collection henceforth known to all worlds as “White Owl”.

Please send your submission and a short bio to:


Closing date:

1st March 2019”

Marilyn’s new portable-crystal-ball-laptop with its own satellite Urania added:

“White Owl is edited by Marilyn Monroe channelled through the astro-seance by Jana Astanov, and with philosophical insights, and at times even support, of Richard Marshall and EJ Spode. The editors will choose 20-30 of what they consider to be the best submissions for publication.”

After she stopped her transmission, the fiery-tongued dragon Jupiter, whose family run their own publishing house, as well as their own organic seaweed farm, raised a toast to the new venture, and the animals sipped on the New Moon elixir made of melted snow and Slavic Goddesses ambrosia. Marilyn then proceeded to walk around chattering and chirping and gifting away her chapbooks.

Well past midnight the Earth Pig said “oink, oink” and the ice chamber departed on an around the world literary tour, throwing cut-up poetry confetti made of farmed seaweed waffles, whenever they would go go!


Image “Ganymede’s Reverie” by DocR0cketArt

29/01/19: Jonas Mekas (1922 – 2019)

Image result for jonas mekas 3am

In 2005 3:AM interviewed the godfather of American avant-garde filmmaking:

“When I came to the United States I had to go to Chicago. That was my destination. But then we came by boat with my brother and we landed in New York. And right there, on pier 21 or whatever, we looked at Manhattan and we said, “We are in Manhattan, we are in New York. Wouldn’t it be stupid to go to Chicago?” We stayed in New York, and never went to Chicago. Of course, had we gone to Chicago we would have been very good bakers!”

Read the interview here.

(As an aside, Carter was the cover name for Richard Marshall at the time!)

Watch his film of the Velvets’ first appearance.

20/01/19: Gary Gutting (1942-2019)

Gary Gutting, emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, has died.

Professor Gutting worked on philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, contemporary French philosophy, and contemporary analytic philosophy. He was well-known for his substantial work in public philosophy, authoring several columns and conducting a number of interviews with philosophers for The Stone feature in The New York Times. Also, he was the creator and a long-time co-editor of Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (NDPR). More here at Daily Nous and Leiter Reports.

An extract from his 3:AM interview:


‘I have always been interested in skeptical challenges to philosophy itself. Here Richard Rorty has been a major influence, though my book on the topic, What Philosophers Know, turned out to be much less Rortyan than I had expected. Of course, philosophy as a discipline doesn’t know the answers to the fundamental questions (God, freedom, morality, etc.) that define its cognitive enterprise. But why think that our beliefs on such topics require a philosophical foundation? To take Rorty’s example, we don’t need a philosophical guarantee that democracy is a value worth fighting for. The same is true for our deepest ethical and religious (or secular) commitments. If we need philosophical justifications, then we aren’t entitled to any such beliefs, since the justifications aren’t there. But it would be absurd to think that we have no right to the fundamental convictions that define our moral self-identity – our souls, if you will. Rorty’s conclusion from this seems to be that philosophy isn’t important for most people but is more a specialised interest for certain types, perhaps like an interest in fine wine or avant-garde literature. I disagree. Our fundamental beliefs don’t need intellectual justification, but they do need intellectual maintenance. We need to understand their implications, modify them to eliminate internal contradictions, defend and perhaps modify them in response to objections. Over its history, philosophy has accumulated an immense store of conceptual distinctions, theoretical formulations, and logical arguments that are essential for this intellectual maintenance of our defining convictions. This constitutes a body of knowledge achieved by philosophers that they can present with confidence to meet the intellectual needs of non-philosophers. Consider, for example, discussions of free will. Even neuroscientists studying freedom in their labs are likely to offer confused interpretations of their results if they aren’t aware of the distinction between caused and compelled, the various meanings of “could have done otherwise”, or the issues about causality raised by van Inwagen’s consequence argument. Parallel points apply for religious people thinking about the problem of evil or atheists challenged to explain why they aren’t just agnostics. Philosophers can’t show what our fundamental convictions should be, but their knowledge is essential to our ongoing intellectual engagement with these convictions.’

05/01/19: ASTRAL LOOP. From mundane to extraordinary – new year new visions.

Subsequent to LIVEWIRE, where I reported on the local NYC underground performance art scene, now as Yannanda The One That Speaks With The Stars, I will decipher the Universe one shadowy layer at a time! @JanaAstanov


New Moon/Solar Eclipse in 15º Capricorn: 5, 6 January 2019

The Great Mother, personified by the Moon, is eclipsing the Sun on January 5th at 8:28pm Eastern Time (January 6th 1:28 UTC), overshadowing the Capricorn’s business as usual with Cancerian longing for family’s warmth, and a hint of magic from the sextile with Neptune in Pisces. Moon, Sun, Pluto and Saturn create stellium, opposing the North Node in Cancer. Feelings of restriction and limitation will resurface, making us realize that we need to change structures that outlived their purpose. The essence of this eclipse is to transform the shadow within our psyche, surrounding the themes of emotional comfort, family, children and home.

“Sounds like the perfect moment to end the wall nonsense and stop imprisonment of immigrant children! The only way to overcome the recent hijacking of the executive branch, is to repudiate the US Government shutdown, by building bridges and not walls.” says Mary Kosciuszko, presidential candidate 2020, with her prophetic campaign slogan “Building Bridges”.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse can only occur on the New Moon (Sun Moon conjunction) when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. If the Moon’s shadow falls upon Earth’s surface at that time, part or all of the Sun’s disk is covered or ‘eclipsed’ by the Moon.  In mundane astrology, which predicts world affairs and events, the Sun represents the leaders, the Moon rules the people – the general population, the common person and its position in a chart will often indicate upon what the public’s attention is focused. With a Solar Eclipse the people overshadow the leaders!

Saturn and Pluto are cold and limiting. Now they met in the middle of the winter, in the sign of calculative and ambitious Capricorn, their structures oppress, their presence puts everyone down, and thus these two will use the whole arsenal of astral weaponry to make us feel irrelevant: Saturn will instill inferiority complex and Pluto will use cruelty. Stella of Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto is in opposition to The North Node conjunct the 4th of July,  America’s Birthday! What does it mean for the kids imprisoned on the US border? Will they be relocated to Florida, where the camps are larger and better, or will the democratic majority finally put the end to this all?! The greatness of the empire should be defined by how it treats its citizens and not by the expansion of its corporate interests. This Solar Eclipse is an opportunity to redefine American values that will culminate when Saturn and Pluto conjunct on 12th January in 2020 within 22nd degree of Capricorn.

If your birthday, like the USA, is on any of the following dates, you will experience this eclipse with more intensity:
December 31 to January 10
March 31 to April 10
July 3 to 13
October 3 to 13

More on eclipses: http://www.janaastanov.com/the-demons-who-caused-the-eclipse/

To feel into the Neptunian sextile of this eclipse, read the interview with Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow: https://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/multicultural-patterns/ while listening to the recording from the space flights of Voyager I & II launched in 1977.

03/01/19: Love Bites: Call for Submissions

Fiction inspired by Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks, Love Bites is a collection of solicited and unsolicited work published online and offline at Dostoyevsky Wannabe and 3:AM Magazine.

In the first part, the editors approched a range of writers and asked them to respond to particular songs by Buzzcocks and Pete Shelley with a work of short-fiction/prose. Please see below for details of the second part of the book, the open submission.

Open Submission:

For sale: Spiral Scratch 7-inch single. One careful owner.

Inspired by the immediacy and brevity of the 3-minute pop song, the two-note guitar solo, and in keeping with the book’s theme, please send us your flash-fiction (150-500 words). The editors will choose 25-35 of what they consider to be the best submissions for publication in either the book itself or on 3:AM Magazine.

Please send your submission and a short bio to:

Closing date:
31st Jan 2019

Important Note:
Please DO NOT use Pete Shelley or Buzzcocks lyrics in your submission, this is a zero-budget operation and we can’t go paying vast sums of money to music publishers.

Love Bites is guest-edited by Andrew Gallix, Tomoé Hill and C.D.Rose.

22/12/18: Oxford Think Festival Video


30/11/18: CREATRIX CULT by Jana Astanov


Jana Astanov: Creatrix Cult
On view: November 28 – December 1, 2018
Local Project Art Space http://localproject.org
Performance Night NOUMENA: SheUniverse Sat December 1, 7 – 9PM

Local Project Art Space presents Creatrix Cult by Jana Astanov from November 28 to December 1. The exhibition features an installation consisting of photography sculpture, video, performative objects and poetry. The environment grounded in the concept of art as spiritual practice transforms the gallery into a place of worship celebrating the feminine and its connection to the natural world.

Yannanda The One That Speaks With The Stars, installation view

The focus on performance art that allows the connection with the audience occurs as a real time interaction and personal response, which are essential to Astanov’s practice. At the center of her work she constructs the temple “Light of Her Consciousness” as photographic sculpture, curating a rich selection of her performative practice works.

The video sculpture utilizes Astanov’s project from 2016 “Contemporary Landscape of Ecofeminism”, created as part of Red Temple performance community that gathered on New Moons from 2015 to 2016. The artist sees women as deeply connected to the cycles of the moon, nature and life-giving forces. This connection is reflected in the first religions that worshiped the Great Mother, which have largely been lost in our culture with the rise of monotheistic religions praising “god” as the omnipresent authority figure. This conveyance of monotheism is reflected in the culture of our societies, its economy and politics, giving men the privileged role of lawmakers, and culture generators.

Our civilization argues against the sacred value of nature and instead harnesses the environment and consumes its resources. The natural abundance has its utilitarian value and the nature is no longer revered as the sacred source, humans are separated from the natural world, they conquest it in the same warlike logic as the victorious nation that colonizes a subjected peoples.

Contemporary Landscape of Ecofeminism

On the opposite spectrum of war and conquest are the ancient civilizations that have survived into contemporary times. These societies, which almost always live in harmony with the environment, have diverse spiritual practices that usually involve psychoactive natural alkaloids of some form – peyote, ayahuasca, psilocybin in naturally occuring mushrooms. However, when it comes to Western world spirituality, not only do we deny the nature its sacred place but we do the same with the feminine presence. While western civilization suppressed the feminine power, casting women off the world stage throughout the entirety of the political and religious systems, eastern philosophy holds a pantheon of powerful feminine deities that work with the male gods in their own chthonic realm and ritual space. Ultimately everything is derived from The One, and the genders merge again in a spiral dance of yin and yang.

With Creatrix Cult Astanov restores the balance, brings the feminine, bows to the natural world and acknowledges the spiritual thus the connection between us and the cosmic soul. In her work she perceives the feminine as the link between sexuality and spirit, between biological energy and the cosmic soul. Creatrix Cult reflects her continued research and experimentation with syncretic use of visual art, writing, sound and spiritual traditions.

Jana will be performing as her character Yannanda throughout the duration of the exhibition. Yannanda The One That Speaks With The Stars, The Priestess of Cosmic Soul and Destiny offers astrology readings inside her Temple of Art for the Sagittarius season as she brings the fire – the symbol of secret knowledge – to the people.

Jana Astanov is an interdisciplinary artist, living in New York. Born in Poland she studied anthropology, philosophy and linguistics in France, and arts in the UK. Her work includes photography, poetry, performance and new media. She published three collections of poetry: Antidivine (Undergroundbooks.org), Grimoire and Sublunar (both Red Temple Press).


Facebook Link:

Performance Night NOUMENA: SheUniverse

Gallery hours Wed – Sun 12 – 6 PM
11-27 44th Rd, Long Island City 11101
SUBMIT your work and donate: http://localproject.org/gallery-submissions/




L-13 will be taking part in
THE UNCORRECTED independent publishers’ fair SEASONAL EDITION

Hosted by
92 Peckham Road
SE15 5PY
11am – 6pm

Click here for Facebook event details.

FIVE Independent Publishers
* L-13 Light Industrial Workshop *Make Mud Press * Open Pen Books * Tangerine Press * Walden Press *

Please note: The fair is on BOTH Saturday and Sunday but L-13 workers are on WEEKEND STRIKE/lazy slackers so will only be present on Saturday.

L-13 table will include

First copies of JIMMY CAUTY
Advanced Acoustic Armaments COOKBOOK REGULAR EDITION





Remaining Copies


Sunday 9th December
L-13 will be at the Art Car Boot Fair
26 Lambeth High Street, London SE1 7AG
Advance Tickets available from artcarbootfair.com

Friday 14th December
Not Not Banksy Rat With Black Square Exhibition at Blasé
55 Wallis Road, London E9 5LH

More details to follow.



LIVEWIRE is a monthly tour of shows, exhibitions and events around town. Expect performance art, politically engaged art, photography, poetry, and magic. By @JanaAstanov.


Pratt Performance and Performance Studies Salon
Tue, November 13 at 6:30PM
Pratt Institute Chapel 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn


EXPERIMENTS & DISORDERS Curated by Tom Cole & Christen Clifford
Tue, November 13, 2018 at 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Dixon Place 161A Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry & performance texts by the most adventurous, cross-genre established & emerging writers. FeaturingTony Stinkmetal and Valerie Ellis.

Website: http://dixonplace.org/performances/experiments-disorders-11-13/


Narcissister Organ Player a film by NARCISSISTER
Screening until November 20
Film Forum in New York

An eye-opening self-portrait by Narcissister, the Brooklyn-based performance artist whose work explores race, sexuality, and body image with infinite candor and grace. A former dancer, Narcissister’s live shows amuse, shock, confound, and enchant in equal measure. With familial roots that are Moroccan, Jewish, and African-American, she explores the intimacies of her relationship with a mother whose influence and support were critical in shaping the artist she is today.

Tickets: https://filmforum.org/film/narcissister-organ-player


November 1 – 18
Local Project Art Space 11-27th 44th Rd, Long Island City, NY 11101

¿Tres Marias, Donde esta mi Felicidad? (Three Marias: Where Did My Happiness Go?) asks the three stars in Orion’s Belt: Where did my happiness go? Historically, the Three Sisters, also known as Las Tres Marias, have been timekeeping markers as well as guides for orientation. In this installation of new works, Liebana questions traditional notions of objectivity and the trustworthiness of perception. The life-size sculptures and ceramic self-portraits represent her identity as a female artist of color, and how society shapes her awareness of herself and her value in a capitalist patriarchy.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/356940648379069/


MIAO JIAXIN: Performance Art at GLASSHOUSE Rear Window series
Thu, November 15, 2018 at 9 PM
Glasshouse 246 Union Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Glasshouse is thrilled to present ‘Next Performance’ a live performance by Miao Jiaxin, part of ‘Rear Window’- a monthly program of performances by emerging and established performance artists happening in the residential space of Glasshouse viewable through the rear window at their backyard.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2159119664312958/


Dance performance: CONTOUR
November 16th, 10PM
Czech Center New York

Choreographed by Jiří Bartovanec and performed by National Theatre of Brno; full of beautiful movements and dancers who put their hearts into the performance.

The production is the author’s commentary on the marginal events that have influenced the direction of society. The perfromance is the contour of the present, where freedom means to overcome our own fears, express our desire to exist and in accordance with everything that determines and surround us. We consider freedom as a complex, conscientiously powerful, equally well-grounded and intuitive form of dealing with the present.

RSVP link and more information on CCNY website here:

METaMORPHOSIS Panoply Performance Laboratory
November 16 – 18
Panoply Performance Laboratory, 104 Meserole St, Brooklyn, New York 11206

The garage at 104 Meserole Street has been “art space” since the ’90’s. In 2012, Spread Art relocated to Detroit and passed the site to Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL). In December, 2018, the site will be transferred into the hands of IV Castellanos and Amanda Hunt, changing names from “PPL” to “IV Soldiers.”

Marking a state of metamorphosis, PPL (Esther Neff) organizes one last weekend of performances, with some of the artists (a festival including all would take months!) who have been crucial to the operation of this lab site for the past 7+ years.

Website link: http://www.panoplylab.org/
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/502761013560802/


EMPATHY Curated by Gabriel de Guzman
Opening Sat November 17 at 6 PM – 8 PM on display until December 30
Smack Mellon 92 Plymouth St, New York, New York 11201

Divisive rhetoric has reverberated in our current political climate, and empathy has proven to be a challenging sentiment for many Americans to conjure. This exhibition features artists who reveal a capacity for empathy, a willingness to reflect on another’s perspective or to understand those whose backgrounds differ from their own.

ARTISTS: Andrea Arroyo, Corinne May Botz, Sasha Phyars-Burgess, iliana emilia garcia, Beatrice Glow and Alexandre Girardeau, Zac Hacmon, Georgia Lale, Bundith Phunsombatlert, L.J. Roberts, Iván Sikic, Elisabeth Smolarz, Rosary Solimanto, Susan Stainman, Patricia Thornley, Vangeline, Michael Kelly Williams

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/489381828207064/


Krištof Kintera: Do Not Litter, Do Not Feed Birds and Do Not Push the Help Button (Yet)
On view: November 16 – December 6, 2018
Opening reception: November 16, 7PM
Czech Center New York Gallery

Krištof Kintera (born 1973) is one of the most successful and celebrated Czech artists of the youngest generation. His oeuvre is characteristic of a certain doubt concerning the possibilities and role of the arts. He creates sculptures and installations by combining or altering ordinary objects in unusual ways and brings to life very complex installations. Kintera explores the current social issues with sophisticated electromechanical and kinetic-acoustic objects, video, drawing and installation.

The human anthill of New York produces an infinite amount of objects, or material sediments, and subtle messages that Kintera aims to separate, decode and then translate into wall drawings, video screening and the final site specific installation Do Not Litter, Do Not Feed Birds and Do not push the Help Button (Yet)at the Czech Center New York gallery.

Curated by Charlotta Kotik, Independent Curator.


Opening Tue November 20, 7 PM – 9 PM on display until December 1
Local Project Art Space 11-27th 44th Rd, Long Island City, NY 11101

Local Project Art Space presents Creatrix Cult by Jana Astanov from November 20 to December 1. The exhibition features an installation consisting of photography sculpture, video, performative objects and poetry. The environment grounded in the concept of art as spiritual practice transforms the gallery into a place of worship celebrating the feminine and its connection to the natural world.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/338025446930186/


Nov 30 at 6 PM – Dec 1 at 5 PM
Grace Exhibition Space
new address: 182 AVENUE C in MANHATTAN, NYC

PERFORMEANDO, returns to New York City this Fall with the program “Somatopias” centered around notions of corporal adaptability, transformation, (dis)placement, and physical (re)location as explored, expressed and presented by selected artists.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/554036661733194/


WHEN THE ARTIS IS THE ART: Panel & short videos & performances
curated by Vernita N’Cognita and Coco Dolle
Tuesday Nov 27, 2018; doors open at 6:00 PM; panel starts at 6:30 PM
National Arts Club: 15 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY 10003

This panel will include a short presentation of live performance acts and video works by each panelist followed by a discussion on the evolution and the experience of this practice in our contemporary art landscape. Participating artists: Vernita N’Cognita, Coco Dolle, Quinn Dukes, Verónica Peña & Jana Astanov.

Website: http://atoa.org/Fall2018/November.htm#tix


TOUCHED: a Mythic Bird Performance by JAGUAR MARY
November 30 & December 1,  at 7-8:30PM
Pratt Institute Chapel 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn



07/11/18: Oxford Think Festival: 10th – 18th November 2018

Oxford University Press is delighted to once again partner with Blackwell’s Oxford to host a weekend of talks and discussions. After three successful years as the Oxford Philosophy Festival, the event returns this year as the Oxford Think Festival.

Celebrating the quest for knowledge and seeking to stimulate discussion of some of the big issues and ideas of our time, the festival brings together some of our most inspiring and exciting minds. Join us for a full weekend of debates and discussion, a special event on World Philosophy Day, and an exciting preview event with Martha C. Nussbaum.

All events are free to attend, but registration is strongly recommended to secure your space.

Preview event: Martha C. Nussbaum in conversation with Roger Crisp
Saturday, 10th November 2018, 13:00 GMT

For decades Martha C. Nussbaum has been an acclaimed scholar and humanist, earning dozens of honours for her books and essays. In The Monarchy of Fear, she turns her attention to the current political crisis that has polarized America since the 2016 election. She focuses on fear (“genetically first among the emotions”) and its role in stoking anger, disgust, and envy, and how those emotions, in turn, perpetuate divisive politics (sexism and misogyny especially). Drawing on a mix of historical and contemporary examples, from classical Athens to the musical Hamilton, Martha Nussbaum untangles this web of feelings and provides a roadmap of where to go next.

Register online for our Martha C. Nussbaum event.

Tim Williamson in conversation with Richard Marshall
Thursday, 15th November 2018, 13:00 GMT

On World Philosophy Day, join Tim Williamson and Richard Marshall as they discuss how modern philosophers think and work and tackle some of the key questions surrounding philosophy in new and provocative ways. Drawing on examples throughout the history of philosophy’s successes and failures, Tim Williamson demonstrates how philosophy begins with common-sense curiosity and develops through our capacity to dispute rationally with each other. From thought experiments to deduction to theories, this talk will make you rethink what philosophy is.

Register online for our Tim Williamson event.

Jamie Susskind on Future Politics
Saturday, 17th November 2018, 13:00 GMT

In his book Future Politics, author and barrister Jamie Susskind confronts one of the most important questions of our time: how will digital technology transform politics and society? He will argue that rapid and relentless innovation in a range of technologies – from artificial intelligence to virtual reality – will transform the way we live together. He will challenge the audience to rethink what it means to be free or equal, what it means to have power or property, what it means for a political system to be just or democratic, and propose ways in which we can – and must – regain control.

Register online for our Jamie Susskind event.

Jeremias Prassl on Humans as a Service
Saturday, 17th November 2018, 15:00 GMT

Is crowdsourcing the future of work? The gig economy promises to revolutionize work as we know it, offering flexibility and independence instead of 9-to-5 drudgery. The potential benefits are enormous: consumers enjoy the convenience and affordability of on-demand work while microentrepreneurs turn to online platforms in search of their next gig, task, or ride. Jeremias Prassl offers a lively and critical account of the gig economy: its promises and realities, what is at stake, and how we can ensure that customers, workers, platforms, and society at large benefit from this global and growing phenomenon.

Register online for our Jeremias Prassl event.

Lyndsey Stonebridge in conversation with Elleke Boehmer
Sunday, 18th November, 13:00 GMT

The twentieth century bore witness to the creation of a new class of person: the placeless people; those who cross frontiers and fall out of nation states; the refugees; the stateless; the rightless. Join Lyndsey Stonebridge and Elleke Boehmer as they discuss how a generation of writers and intellectuals responded to the mass displacements of the last century, and anticipate many of the issues we confront today. Exploring the work of Hannah Arendt, Franz Kafka, W.H. Auden, George Orwell, Samuel Beckett, and Simone Weil, among others, Lyndsey Stonebridge argues that we urgently need to reconnect with the moral and political imagination of these writers to tackle today’s refugee ‘crisis’.

Register online for our Lyndsey Stonebridge event.

David Dwan on Liberty, Equality, and Humbug
Sunday, 18th November 2018, 15:00 GMT

George Orwell is part of the political vocabulary of our times and yet, partly due to this popularity, what he stands for remains opaque. His writing confirms deep and widely shared intuitions about political justice, but part of its enduring fascination is the fact that these intuitions don’t quite add up. In Liberty, Quality & Humbug, David Dwan explores Orwell’s ambiguous views of key concepts such as liberty, equality, solidarity, truth, and happiness and reveals how, through his journalism and fiction, Orwell ultimately puts his own idealism on trial.

Register online for our David Dwan event.

If you are in the Oxford area between Sunday 10th and Sunday 18th November 2018, make sure to register for any of the above events. We look forward to seeing you at Blackwell’s, Broad Street!