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Call for review submissions

Call for review submissions

I particularly want to read critics and criticism of books from my side of planet Earth — everything from Kiribati to Kazakhstan. You do not need a lengthy bibliography behind you to be considered for publication — you have to start somewhere and, in fact, it’d be a thrill if that start was here — but I ask that you familiarise yourself with the criticism 3:AM favours — it’s honest, adept, fearless, and so, at times, contrary — and have something ready to show me when submitting or pitching (3:AM’s submission guidelines).

Who am I? My name is Tristan Foster — I’m a writer from Sydney, Australia, a long-time reader of 3:AM Magazine and subscriber to its ethos. Best way to introduce myself is to link to the pieces I’ve had published by 3:AM — Chest Open; on Trieste. Maybe they’re an indication of the kind of writing — the critical as well as the critiqued — that will most readily grab my attention — but maybe not. We’ll see. Let’s go.

First posted: Friday, January 9th, 2015.

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