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Lydia Lunch has talent on stage as well as in the kitchen. While playing underground music venues early in her career she earned her name cooking up banquet feasts out of whatever ingredients were on hand for fellow starving artists and musicians, including Sonic Youth, Suicide, the Dead Boys, and the Butthole Surfers. In her book Lydia Lunch: The Need to Feed, Lunch, along with the help of chef Marcy Blaustein, present witty and provocative recipes for feeding your friends and lovers nourishing, deeply satisfying food while maintaining a hedonistic downtown lifestyle.

Lunch draws on her experiences and the celebration of a healthy obsession for foods that not only satisfy our craven desires but are also nutritious, delicious, and exactly what a body hard at work and play needs. She states “high-octane food is mandatory in order to feed the passion that fuels me… I take great delight in inspiring others to imbibe deeply, indulge completely, flirt outrageously, and binge to their heart’s content.” Lydia Lunch: The Need to Feed serves as a provocative guide to setting the mood as well as the table for a rousing three-course meal and her recipes are sure to stimulate, energize, detox, and even sweets to sate. As Lunch herself articulates perfectly “…everybody loves you when you feed them. And I love to spread the love. As long as they kiss the cook on the way out the door.”

© Johan Olander, Lydia Lunch: The Need to Feed by Lydia Lunch, Rizzoli, 2012

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First posted: Thursday, September 13th, 2012.

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