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By Tom Jenks.


like to eat salami straight from fridge
got 2 litre bottle cloudy lemonade
            swig out of that
this makes me a bad person /
                        person [?] think:
is this what your mother had in mind when she
                        thought of you?
you are not as
            put this or that way
might liken you to Cher in Moonstruck
but I have never seen that
                        in particular
on Sky Sports they named him as the mastermind
jaunty fedora and lacy shawl                   rumour:
            he is one of those adult babies
got a pram made from salvaged timber
too busy since he got with her
boneless banquets on the leatherette sofa


_____ was a bomber pilot
            there is no evidence he didn’t like it
after that the Euro zone’s leading fetish photographer
            played The Blue Danube
                        rented rooms above the Kunsthalle
why don’t you try one of these { } { } { }
smok(e)y mackerel in tupperware containers
takeaway pizza in trouser press
            if you can draw a picture of a fish
            draw it here :
whole thing is :
got drunk at sports personality of the year
took a piss in Bobby Charlton’s golden goblet
later shared hot rods box with Nabokov
chicken pieces in patent leather slipper
chicken pieces :             =
best approach is incremental
like a butterfly collection
                        deposit yrs. here :


activity [ smart ] :         bonding with your colleagues
arm wrestle over lunch or
hokey cokey dry ice | laser beam
I seen his wife and she not all that
            open necked shirt and
            corduroy waistcoat she
            on intensive life saving training she
commemorated with mounted plaque
they filming this for docusoap
in scenes not in
            pot plant substitute e.g.: flowering cactus in
                                                  galvanised bucket
key scene :                   confrontation in atrium
                                                  line manager bear
                                    costume or jaunty pirate
23/10: I accuse him of druidry: modified bedsheet
                                                          holly garland
in close up like the outline of Iceland
once at photocopier his face on the glass
utility bills to prove he   or           cup-a-soup sachets
enter yours here with wipe off marker :

bonding with your colleagues like
shared experiences e.g.: nudity
                                                  market gardening
                                                  visualise in easy
                                    medium              here :
I paint this pasta shell for you ()


Tom Jenks was born in Sunderland and now lives, works and writes in Manchester. He was the founding editor of Parameter Magazine and currently runs Zimzalla. His collection A Priori was published by If P Then Q Classics with his mini-series Omens being published by Matchbox. He is also part of the innovative reading series The Other Room.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, March 21st, 2010.