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11:23 and other poems published 18/02/2017


She tells me to
make small fists so they can find the blood flow,
and with each river that bubbles up I feel sparks of forgotten aggression. Swallow the needle. Search for a strength of tide.

They couldn’t find a vein; the body’s deserted.
Discard the needle and come forward with the axe.
You have permission to break open
the treasure chest.

New poetry by Katie Fanthorpe.

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Kleinsong & other poems published 08/02/2017

It’s like It’s like this Like a girl who won’t Like a girl switching lights on/off with her elbow Not able to type To wash To pick up those dropped frozen peaches Like this I could say I could search for it At Finchley Rd she’s a crumbly wafer and can’t admit Though they all want to hear Though only if useful Though hands smeared with ink are ugly, unsafe She clicks in the cold But I don’t know how else

New poetry by Annie Katchinska.

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Fleet ii published 29/01/2017

how many springs arise
         within a hollow

     landscape where some lord
           of the high places
          impregnated cattle
         before descending
       in human form

Paul Holman‘s poem Fleet ii about London’s secret river.
Pictures by Rich Cutler.

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Subproject Sixty-Eight & other poems published 27/01/2017

no longer differentiate between absurd and mundane.
The concoction of an entire atmosphere
from nothing–like the devising of another world
within our world–is terrifying in magnitude,

correct? Have I mentioned the machine-elf?

New poetry by Stephen Langlois.

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Pipedown & others poems published 25/01/2017

how it re cul pour
subject torelent lss linearity pls [pulse] brk stet pckgs nformtn
prls n whrlpl      from this      point    on we are no     longer
consciously controlling it is sm frm r thr
mr thn nthing gggng gll ll lggg f lngg      of a muchness
reaching its muscle wrap around the

New poetry by Jonathan Catherall.

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Per/sonals published 15/01/2017

wind’s fing
ers piqued
from pen
-umbra to p
ink blot
lips limn
a Munch-like
cut of wood
n’t you like
to k
now now n

New poetry by Greg Nissan.

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Wunderkammer & other poems published 29/12/2016

You can’t be mean, methodical and have a case on.
It doesn’t work that way. This sentiment is a skyrocket.
At 90 or 19, it sprinkles pepper-uppers still everyone
in love is a lamb. Chemicals or hormones? Cabinet of
curiosities helps in celebrating inwardness of intimacy.
Each weld is disparate yet all suffer the same way.

New poetry by Sanjeev Sethi.

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typewriter dropped from a height (couple of times) & other poems published 18/12/2016


Their heads squash like calabashes
bash bash
bash bash


By Alice Lyons.

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The heart on the tray does not have a heartbeat & other poems published 13/12/2016


The heart on the tray does not have a heartbeat.
The wife adorns her eyes with tears,
in the shadow that has been sterilised by the doctor.
The shadow of the doctor has been hollowed out by the shadow of the Chinese parasol tree,
the wind is strung between the branches of the tree,
like long white streamers in a funeral.

New poetry from Ma Yu translated by Liu Qing.

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KOSMĒTIKOS published 04/12/2016


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New poetry by Bruno Neiva.

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