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Poem Brut #33 – drummers wanted published 05/05/2018






In the 33rd of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Penny Newell.

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Duos #8 – Urban Dictionary (a language) published 03/05/2018

the most beautiful man
the cure to the world’s unhappiness, sorrow, guilt, greed
can make you laugh, cry, and just kiss him until your lips hurt
the greatest thing to ever happen to anyone in the world
especially me

A language that others may see as being spoken by people with low intelligence
A language that only really intelligent people know how to speak correctly
A language that, if spoken, will get you more pussy than you can imagine
A language that is mostly made up of consonants and phlegm

skip eating breakfast entirely
just coffee and a cigarette

The 8th edition of Duos series new poetry by Frédéric Forte & Christodoulos Makris

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Poem Brut #32 – The Angel-Wing Shell and Its Inhabitant published 27/04/2018

The first is an erasure of the poem by Ted Kooser, “A Box of Pastels.”
The second two, “of Lure” and “The Angel-Wing Shell and Its Inhabitant” are found poems atop collage.

In the 32nd edition of The Poem Brut series by Frances Revel.

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Picaro & other poems published

Suddenly slipping like something sliced it’ll be gone, this screen, against which I hang. This screen pressed across every curve and flat of me, this screen, cooling every inch. Like a slice, sudden, it will part. It will be gone and the corners of my mouth will spread, both the two corners of my mouth will open, they will rip, deep into my cheeks.

And of extremes how can we speak but through the approach. Of white, can we ever see it full. I am, something and done, I am, oh something and done, I am something, in it and done, and it’s uttered not a single word at all.

New poetry by Theo Ellin Ballew.

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Ore published 20/04/2018

earth the story they’re breaking
legible only if intact

not hoarded
sold to speculators prospectors
petrochemical lords

nor ignored
in the orogenies
of daily new/s

New poetry by Susan Barba.

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Duos #7- Hana Pera Aoake and Mya Morrison Middleton published 17/04/2018

This guy told me that kicking all the sex workers off of K road was a good idea. He said K road had nothing to offer except crime and sex. He smelt like stale whiskey, mothballs and nervous sweat. He said the TPPA was a good idea. “The People’s Pharmacy of Aotearoa.” capitalism and mental illness. I don’t understand how you can’t think about how expensive my medication is going to be.

The 7th edition of Duos series new poetry by Hana Pera Aoake and Mya Morrison Middleton

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Poem Brut # 31 / Duos #6 – Tim Atkins & Yuki Atkins published 02/04/2018

Collaborative pieces with felt tip, pencil, and typewriter.

and stars.

In the 31st edition of The Poem Brut series and the 6th edition of Duos series new poetry by Tim & Yuki Atkins.

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Duos #5 – McMullan De meyer Brel is dead published 27/03/2018

You see yellow snakes in the water.
You feel yellow snakes in the water.
What do you feel? You feel fear.
You understand that you have waited too long.
This is not what you wanted, you say.
But it was, she says. Look around you.
You know what to do.

In the fifth of the Duos series, new poetry by Thomas McMullan and Tineke De Meyer.

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Poem Brut #30 – Tache Stimulante published

pulp accident
on crepes
on stimulant

In the 30th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Jeremy Allan Hawkins.

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Poem Brut #29 – Pyramid / Labyrinth published 04/03/2018

They’re prints, handwritten pieces on analog images, screen printing and ink writings. There’s also this series made on 35mm pictures with a typewriter.

In the 29th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Yessica Klein.

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